We previously sought an answer to the subject of what is a Youtuber. One of the answers given to the question of how to make money from the internet was to be a Youtuber. So how much do we earn when we become a youtuber? Is there insurance? Road, meal, retirement? How much money is there? Let's get to the point.

Making Money by Producing Video Content

Taking a video and uploading it to Youtube, people watching this content earns you money in two ways. The first is the advertising partnership paid by Youtube. It is the share you receive from the ads posted on your video. The other is sponsored content.

Yotube Advertising Partnership


It is the video format of the revenue model known as Adsense. You earn an ad revenue thanks to the people who interact with your videos. This is not a very attractive income for Youtube channels in Turkey. You will earn approximately $ 70 for a million views, depending on the content, ad types and duration of the videos. The number I said is an estimate. Here, the cost of advertising varies according to many factors.

The advertising revenues of Youtubers broadcasting in Turkey and the revenues of Americans are incomparably different. The reason for this is advertising costs. Internet advertising is a newly shaped sector in Turkey. The well-deserved competition in the sectors or words has not yet occurred. Businesses are also included in the internet world with low advertising budgets.

There is a lot of difference between advertising costs for the same word in the United States and Turkey. The income model called Adsense is also a system based on sharing this income. Less income, less share.

Sponsored Content

This is all about your Youtube channel's subscriber base and viewing figures. A company that has adopted your subscriber base as a target audience can sponsor your video. Sponsorship prices are entirely up to your agreement. The stronger the channel, the higher the sponsorship fee.

Are The Youtubers Rich?

The news is not good for Turkey. People who earn considerable money thanks to Youtube usually earn this money from subsidiary organizations. A producer who gathers the audience by establishing a Youtube channel can earn extra income with different organizations and events with his followers. Youtube actually pays broadcasters good money, but not in Turkey. Youtubers in America have enough money to make special videos for their cars. I say cars to shoot videos. Maseratti, Bugatti, Lamborgini… There is no such possibility in our youtubers. But if you have a good youtube channel and you receive invitations to regular seminars and programs, maybe if you are involved in a series or movie project, especially if you are Acun Ilıcalı, then you have walked.