A few of the words people love the most are repeatedly used in the definition of what is called being a Youtuber; fame, admiration, money, fame, entertainment etc. Then the desire to be a Youtuber, from young to old.

This is one of the most popular ways to make money online. The profession of youtuber, which we have more or less talked about in our article on how to make money from the internet, has progressed in our country.

What is a Youtuber?

Youtube gives commission to content producers who help keep people on the website, that is, those who upload those videos to the site, from the money they earn on their content. Was it complicated? I summarize then.

Advertisers pay money to youtube to show people their advertisements promoting their products or services. It gives a small share of this fee to the owners of the videos on which it places ads on Youtube.

Turkish Youtubers

Youtube channels broadcasting in Turkish are in a wide range. There are really high quality content producers, as well as bad channels that try to attract users with poor quality or duplicate content.

Most important of all, there is the world on youtube. There is the television of the future, the advertising of the future, and the viewing habits of the future. Youtube is more than just a video sharing site, it is a unique medium that directs the content consumption of the future and naturally content production.

Producers, who keep this channel up with their content, are also developing day by day. Youtubers, who produce videos by putting music behind the pictures at the very beginning of their adventures, now prepare planned productions and use the latest model equipment.

Youtube Channels

In fact, not everyone who has a mail address with a Gmail extension has a Youtube channel, although they are not aware of it. You can upload a video to Yourube whenever you want. Commercial video channels are not very diverse, not counting videos uploaded for individual use.

Comedy Channels

As the name suggests, they are channels that aim to make viewers laugh. Recently, alternatives such as dubbing channels, vine channels and joke channels are in this group. Their issues are clear… These are the channels that seem the simplest. Most enterprises are also in these channels. Everyone is a comedian enthusiasm… Jokes or something. There are those who are successful and there are those who are not

Information Channels

The holders of these are really good quality channels. You can find interesting things like how-to videos on various topics, documentary series, little known facts. If you come across a channel that appeals to your tastes, you can be a strict follower.

Kids Channels

Channels have been established so that mothers give their children a meal or tablet while watching our videos to their children. There are really successful channels in this regard. When children's common languages ​​are caught, they can become channels that will reach legendary viewing figures.

Professional Content Creators

These are the initiatives that will take the Youtube adventure to the next level. Products specially produced for Youtube by entrepreneurs who already earn income from this business, such as agencies and media organizations. The contents of such professional channels force other content producers to go above a certain quality threshold. High resolution cameras, huge microphones, scenario studies… It is necessary to invest money in this business.

Okay, let's deposit money, get ready, but how much money will we make? That part is the subject of the next post.