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CADCut.co Grew 300% With The Right Design & Software
CADCut.co Grew 300% With The Right Design & Software

cadcut.co online as a first in Turkey offers laser cutting service you can receive instant price. You can upload your 2d drawing on CADCut.co, get a quote instantly, and place your order by paying by card.

Customer Qty
Turnover Increase
Morfikirler increased its revenue and performance to 150%
Morfikirler increased its revenue and performance to 150%

Morfikirler has renewed its design and software, increasing site speed, ad revenue and analyitcs metrics with a mobile-focused approach.

Site speed increased
Ad revenue
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Meet our team. Discover our team members and their areas of expertise, who are involved in different parts of our project and service production processes. Don't hesitate to say hello to us!
Graphic Design Specialist
Interface design specialist, 10 years in the industry
Mücahit Taşkın
Mücahit Taşkın
UI/UX Designer
Digital Marketing
Marketing specialist, author, poet. 10 years in the industry
Enes Öksüz
Enes Öksüz
Marketing Expert
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Become Our Business Partner!
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What Our Clients Say About Us What Our Clients Say About Us
We are very happy to meet and work with 6Harf. All our works reached our hands with care and on time. They even helped us with Frontend. I highly recommend it.
Halil İbrahim Ünyeli
We have been working together since the day they were founded. They have a young and dynamic team that does their job very well. You can work blindly on software and design.
A wonderful team that does great work for us, we enjoy meeting and working together, and we hope to do more together
They met our needs in the setup, arrangement and maintenance of our first site. During this process, they helped us by conveying their own experiences. They're just a phone call away. We didn't even have the opportunity to meet face to face, we only communicated with advice, but they met our every need. Thank you very much to them. I recommend you can work safely.
Founder @ Fizyotherapy
If you have an advertising agency, your solution partners should be good. For years, they have never lacked our attention and efforts. They have always stood by what they do. They produced professional solutions where we could not. They delivered their service on solid foundations both visually and functionally. And most importantly, each output served the marketing of that business. That's why both we and our customers We are satisfied with the 6 letters. Good thing you are :)
Gürkan DEMİR
CEO @ Redamer & YorumluyorumTV