We have spoken a few words on the 'Y' generation and the consumption habits of its members. What steps should we take to reach the most enthusiastic consumer generation and to establish a solid relationship between customers of this age and our company?

1. Social Media

Make an efficient social media planning. Generation Y is a generation that lives with a phone in hand. They don't know what it means to be online, it's unusual for them to be off-line.

2. Listen

Generation Y grew up at a time when it was possible to comment on anything, especially thanks to social media. It used to be a shame to comment on everything. This freedom improved their self-esteem. Give them a say about your company and your services. They will stay where they feel comfortable.

3. E-Commerce Opportunity

These free and comformist products and services should be accessible from anywhere, anytime.

4. Non-Trade Communication

Perhaps this is the most complex but productive one. This generation follows brands and businesses like a pop star. Some of them. When a new iPhone comes out, remember the crowds in front of stores that resemble concert or match ticket lines. You too, organize various activities via social media, organize competitions… you can win them by thinking creatively.

5. Be Clear

Generation Y has an investigative personality. It wants to reach all kinds of information about you. It can reach if he wants. Be transparent about your company. Describe your products and services openly. Even your flaws, if any… because nothing can scare you as much as the unknown.

6. Stay Updated

Whenever a new technology or phenomenon emerges, keep up with them immediately. This generation, which has a bit of ape, so to speak, has a tendency to get bored. Refresh their interest with updates. This generation, whose consumption takes a very large place in their lives, is very sensitive to the latest technologies.