According to the years in which people were born, the age generation they are in certainly affects their consumption habits as well as their other preferences. It is possible to gather some preferences of people in the same age generation into groups of common characteristics. Let's examine the 'Y' generation, which is the most active consumer group of today, and its characteristics that determine consumption habits together.

Who is this Generation Y?

Experts define this generation as people born between 1881 and 2000. So people aged 16-35, as of 2016. This age definition may be more accurate for the American population, as these experts generally conduct research on the United States. For Turkey, putting a five-year delay and pulling the age towards 21-35 would be more accurate in my opinion.

People who are brave, excited, care about individual satisfaction, buy and consume quickly, avoid paying the price, and informal people. Do not mind that I'm poking some at them. 

1. Internet in- TV out

The Gen Y does not like watching TV in the evenings like their fathers or older brothers. While 26% watch more than 20 hours of television a week, 42% prefer to watch these programs over the internet.

2. Where Are They Looking Then?

While 22% of other generations remember the campaigns they saw on social media, 40% of the Y generation members remember these campaigns.

3. Validate Me

Validation surely make everyone happy. 35% of other generations, 48% of the Y generation.

4. I Can't Live Without My Cell Phone

50% of millennials, one out of every two teenagers, do research with their cell phones before shopping.

5. The Quest for Something New

Less than half of the people want to see every continent. This rate is 70% in the generation Y.

6. Seeking Expert Staff

This generation is an enthusiastic generation who is enthusiastic about consumption, but because of their strong researcher side, they want experts against them. Because they can use the internet very efficiently to reach information or a train. You have to choose your personnel who will take care of them very well.

We tried to get to know the Y generation in our country, taking into account the researches of experts on the American society. This generation, which I am in, does not know the years of the cold war, it was born into a unipolar world, it did not see a military coup, the years when the USSR was not there, the Berlin wall was destroyed, it does not remember the great economic depressions. This generation was born into a world designed just like computer games. So he is free, investigative and self-indulgent. Analyze your customers. Consider millennials.