The absence of a website for businesses has become unacceptable today. You will read an article where you can find details in terms of understanding the seriousness of the subject.


Corporate websites are websites where you display the services you provide, the products you sell, your size and your experiences. It should be designed with your corporate colors and lines and your corporate integrity should not be impaired.


If your potential customers cannot find or see you while doing research on search engines (Google, Yandex, Bing etc.), then you are missing customers. At this point, any work to be done to reinforce your digital presence is very important in terms of being accessible to your potential customers. If you wish, you can get more detailed information about digital assets in my article titled The Relationship of Digital Asset and Trust.


There are basically two ways to reach your potential customers organically with your website. I say organic because you can interact with your potential customers on your website by advertising.

  1. By appearing in search engines in searches made with your name
    Being listed in searches with your name is your most basic requirement. Consider whether a customer who came to your neighborhood could find your name. This is exactly what happens in digital.
  2. Appearing in search engines in searches made with the names of the services you provide
    Being listed in searches with your services is a bonus for your business. Thus, your products and services can reach your new potential customers.


What Should Be Considered?

Here are the things that I think you should pay attention to while making / building a corporate website:


  • Designed in accordance with corporate colors
  • Designed to be mobile compatible
  • Quickly accessible phone numbers and whatsapp links, if any, at the top and bottom
  • Links to your social media accounts


  • Your homepage should be the summary of your site
  • It should host your services / products that you want to highlight
  • Displaying the logos of the companies you work with with the reference services you provide
  • Displaying your last services as a reference
  • If there are quality standards you observe, their representation
  • It depends on the job you do, but the display of documents you have
  • Displaying highlights from success stories, if any

Service Page

  • Clear display of photos of the product / service
  • If there is an application / promotional video that can be shown, its display
  • If possible, the price policy and display of the product / service
  • How you work based on the relevant service
  • What kind of support you provide when requesting support?
  • Your return conditions for the relevant product / service
  • Your payment options for the relevant service / product
  • Feedback from your customers who received the relevant service / product
  • References / photos taken while providing the relevant service / product
  • Display of the logos of the companies that have received the relevant service
  • Purchase functionality if purchasing is possible
  • If you are working on a proposal basis, an easily accessible quote form

About Us Page

  • The history of your business, when it was founded, how many years it is, etc.
  • Real photos of your business
  • Real photos of your team
  • Figures that may indicate the size of your business
  • The logos of the brands you work with, which can indicate size
  • The title of the services you provide is a headline view

Contact Page​

  • External view photos of your business
  • Your telephone number
  • E-Mail Address
  • Your full address
  • Contact form (simple and as little information as possible)
  • It can be a map view, but instead, you can direct it to map services with the Get Directions button.
  • If you have a branch, separate display of all items belonging to the above "Contact Page"


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How Much Budget Required?

Budgets vary greatly depending on the nature of the work done. In general, according to the quality and the state of care, websites - those with the above features - are sold in the sector between 60 USD - 1000 USD.