If you want to increase the success of your business, increase your sales, increase your brand awareness and put your business ahead of your competitors, you can benefit from digital marketing strategies. Social media platforms, which are shown among the most effective strategies, will undoubtedly become your greatest helpers. Employers who move their businesses to social media platforms must first determine the platform that will maximize their success. Sometimes being everywhere is equivalent to not being anywhere.

All of the social media platforms have their own dynamics. If the preferences and expectations of its users and the sectors in which companies operate do not match, the benefits of social media may not be seen. For this reason, people who want to make a quick introduction to social media for their business should carefully determine which social media platform to choose.

Before choosing a social media platform, every brand should analyze the behavior and choices of its target audience. A company that sells only to women will naturally have to be on the social media platform most preferred by women. In fact, the average age of the audience that is addressed can shape preferences. In short, social media platform selection for businesses is a very complicated process. In this article, we will offer tips that will facilitate your decision-making process.


Facebook, which is the social media platform with the highest number of active users worldwide, has succeeded in being among the must-haves for all businesses. The fact that Facebook users are of different ages and the use of this platform many times during the day offers important opportunities to business owners. Business owners who intend to use Facebook can enjoy the advantages of this platform regardless of the industry in which they operate. The fact that they offer products or services will not reduce their benefit using Facebook. The main function of Facebook is to increase brand awareness and increase the interaction between companies and their customers. For this reason, all companies, regardless of their scale, can benefit from the opportunities of the internet by using Facebook.


Standing out as a platform where videos, images, links and short texts can be shared, Twitter is one of the most effective social media platforms for the business world. You can advertise your business and clearly reveal your brand values ​​on Twitter, which has 400 million active users. Twitter has great potential, as interesting posts have the opportunity to quickly make a premium. Advantages such as being free of charge, providing instant interaction with customers, and following competitors makes this platform important for all entrepreneurs and business owners who want to grow their business. Just like Facebook, the influence of the operating sectors in the preference of Twitter media will not be too great. It should be noted that Twitter users generally belong to the age group of 20 and over.


If your company's customer base is other companies; LinkedIn may be the right choice for you. On this platform, which brings together the professionals of the business world, you can create personal connections, meet the managers of the businesses and increase the number of customers of your business. Since you can make targeted searches such as sector, title, you can establish direct contact with the authorities of the businesses. LinkedIn sells products or services but their customers are not end consumers; It offers great advantages to companies that are other companies. Moreover, the advantages it offers are not just for increasing sales. You can also quickly meet your need for qualified staff on LinkedIn.


If you are selling products or operating in an industry that appeals to women, you are at the right place! You can increase the awareness of your target audience, who follow the pictures that are constantly shared with their mobile phones, look at the tags and move forward with the speed of light between pages. If you can synthesize your visual choices with quality content and shoot short videos worth watching, then you can sail with the wind of Instagram. Taking into account the fact that Instagram has more than 700 million active users, and keeping in mind the Nusr-et phenomenon in this country, you can make special works for Instagram.