After the awareness about the importance of websites increased, the process of creating websites for companies started to turn into a complete chaos. While web site design, web site contents and visuals used in web sites are carefully selected; There has been an increase in efforts to create a new revolution with websites.

However, a web site should be "good enough" for the sole purpose of companies. There is no need to change the policies of the website, to try to achieve non-existence. The website reflects the identity of the companies and is made to increase the interaction between visitors and companies.

There are two rules that companies that make web sites should not forget;

  • Web sites should meet the needs of visitors.
  • When designing web sites, the effect of innovation is to a certain extent!

While making a website, the programmer and the designer create a joint work. Design-related changes require the programmer to work as well. This fact can be explained by a waste of time and money for companies. The continuity of the demands on design has led to a special meaning of web design.

We must distinguish between design and programming. Especially after the implementation of the CSS discipline, it is no longer necessary to establish a tight link between design and programming.

Suggestions for Creating a Good Enough Website

To create a good enough website, you should start with the design first. Programmers; It should not be activated unless it is clear how the website will look and feel. Otherwise, design changes made after the programmers step in can be costly.

Although it is a bit risky statement, I would like to express my opinion that companies who want to design a web site should stay away from original designs. This is my opinion; It is based on the fact that there are over a billion websites on the web and that businesses can definitely find a model site for themselves. Fonts, color distribution and layout used on another site can be inspiring; It is in favor of the companies that the effort to be unique is directed towards customizing the model site. While originality is beautiful and valuable, things that are unique and valuable in this world have been predetermined long ago.

The selection of a model site should not be made from the same sector, and the model site should not be chosen among the sites of well-known brands, if possible. A small-scale site should be found and it should be noted to the designer that the starting point is the design of that site. Although the basic structural changes remain the same, the originality of the site should be ensured thanks to the new elements added to the design. Afterwards, the company's logo, products and contents should be placed carefully.

Competing the designs of web sites can be considered as a costly and unpredictable effort. Ensuring the originality of the design does not require a new discovery. The important thing is that the websites are good enough and equipped with features that support customer interaction.

If companies cannot find a model site that they want their site to look like, the design will have to be completely unique to them. This will result in a higher financial burden and a longer time for the website to be published for design disputes.