It doesn't matter what sector you operate in; You need to optimize your website, which is the visible face of your company. Welcoming your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; You should pay attention to your website, which informs your potential customers about your company and supports your company's brand image. If you prepare a website for show only, you can benefit from the blessings offered by the internet environment within the interest you show to your website. That's why you should invest time and money, if necessary, to do the best when it comes to your websites; You should build this platform in a way that suits your company's most profitable investment. "How should a good website be?" Since there is no single answer to the question, we will share with you 5 features that a good website should have in this article.

1. Your Site Must Be "Responsive"

The widespread use of mobile phones and tablets; With the connection of smart devices to the internet, the dynamics of the internet have changed and the need for computers to access the internet has decreased. Mobile phones and tablets, which provide a more practical access to the Internet, have become the first choice of users. As such, in other words, as the tools that can be accessed to the Internet diversified, the importance of "responsive" sites increased. If you have a responsive site, your website can be easily viewed from computers, mobile phones or tablets. In this way, the user experience is increased and your visitors can easily examine your website. If your website is not yet sensitive to the screens on which it is displayed, you should take the necessary steps as soon as possible.

2. You Must Pay Attention To The Design Of Your Site

Your website design should be special; When users enter your website, they should quickly realize where they can find what they are looking for. On websites where mixed and tiring colors are used, the duration of visitors' stay will inevitably be reduced. You can also increase your place in search engines result pages with simple but functional designs for user experience.

3. User Experience Is Very Important​

If you want to increase the number of visitors to your site and increase their stay on your site, you should improve the experience of the users coming to your website. With an original design, a simple interface, funny visuals and remarkable titles, you can ensure that users have a pleasant time while on your website. There are many factors that increase the user experience; In fact, all of the criteria required to increase the user experience include all of the elements we recommend for a good website. Elements such as opening your website quickly, updating the contents, and an understandable menu structure will contribute to the user experience.

4. You Should Improve the Personalized User Experience

2016 yılı itibariyle hayatımıza giren kişiselleştirilmiş kullanıcı deneyimi kavramı günümüzde web siteleri için en önemli kriterlerden biri haline geldi. Daha önce kullanıcıların ziyaret ettiği içeriklerle ilgili yazılar ve öneriler sunan, onların ilgisini çekebilecek sayfaları ön plana çıkaran bir web siteniz olursa kişiselleştirilmiş kullanıcı deneyimi kriterini karşılamış olursunuz.

5. Current and Interesting Content Should Not Be Missing From Your Website

The content on your website is more important than you think! If you want to benefit users and rise during Google search results, you should share interesting content on your website. You should definitely not use the same articles on different sites, if necessary, you should get support from content writers who are experts in this field for your content. You should reproduce your content regularly, prepare content worth sharing and increase visitor traffic.

If you have set your mind to have a good website, you should know that there are many changes you need to make meticulously in front of you. You should increase the security of your website, stand out from your competitors and make your website worth visiting. You have to make your website functional as well as look good on the eye. You should not underestimate the advantages of a website with a fast opening, artistically reflecting the colors in your logo, with a simple interface and with carefully selected images.

Although the expenditures made for the website are defined as unnecessary for some companies, this attitude harms the companies. You should benefit from the most up-to-date technologies and always follow the innovations brought by Google. If you see your website as an investment made by your company; Although not in the short term, you will enjoy the advantages you will provide in the medium and long term.