Internet users who are interested in any product or service and make research before making a purchase decision may leave the sites they have entered for different reasons. However, when they continue to surf the internet later, even if they do not enter the same site, they encounter personalized advertisements for the product or service they are examining. Request; The advertisements seen later and interpreted as a kind of reminder are a result of the "remarketing" strategy. Remarketing ads can appear on any website listed on Google. This strategy, which is frequently used by businesses with limited digital marketing budgets with its affordable price; It draws attention with its effectiveness.

How to Remarketing?

When implemented successfully and correctly, it attracts those who visit the websites of the companies to these sites; Remarketing, which increases the sales of companies and also contributes to brand awareness; It can be done with a small code provided through Google Adwords.

In order to receive this code via Google Adwords, you must first create a Google Adwords account on behalf of your company. After opening this account, you need to enter the "campaigns" link and select the "remarketing" option among the opened options. At this stage, you will encounter two separate options for remarketing. You should choose either "Display Network Campaigns" or "Search Network campaigns". How you want to position your digital marketing strategy, you should follow the same path in your choices.

If you are going to choose Display Network Campaigns, you should follow the steps of "Display Network only", "marketing targets", "action" and "purchase on the website" while creating your campaign.

If you are going to create Search Network Campaigns, you should select "Search Network only". After choosing either Standard or Search Network Standard options with Display Ad Options, you should add the offered tag to your website pages or your mobile application. After completing the adding process, you should create your remarketing lists and start the remarketing process.

Remarketing Examples

In line with the strategies determined by the companies, the remarketing examples or rather the remarketing strategies may vary. Companies can show their remarketing digital ads in different formats if they do their target audience analysis correctly. Among the remarketing methods; There are different strategies such as "standard remarketing", "dynamic remarketing", "remarketing lists for search ads", "remarketing with customer list" and "video remarketing".

Remarketing ads, which are carried out by taking into account the needs, expectations and internet usage habits of the target audience that businesses want to sell to, make it possible to get a serious return. "Don't forget us!" For the success of this digital marketing strategy, which is among the most effective ways of saying, the restructuring in other promotional channels should not be neglected.

Considering digital marketing strategies as a whole; Companies that make a difference with social media management, reveal their vision with web design improvements and come to the forefront with their target audience can increase their success one more time with remarketing.

Benefits of "Remarketing"

If you haven't resorted to "remarketing" remarketing yet to increase sales for your business, you can be sure that you've missed a lot. With this strategy, which can be applied easily and is preferred by even the smallest businesses with its low cost, you can remind yourself to people who have visited your site before.

You can measure the performance of the campaigns you organize with the statistics you obtain; You can reshape your advertising campaigns by getting detailed reports.

With a single digital marketing strategy, you can have your ads displayed by your potential customers on more than two million websites registered with Google.

With Remarketing, you can re-access your potential customers who have already shown their interest in your products or services by visiting your site.