The term 'franchising' has arrived and has settled into our economic system. How much is related to the old-fashioned franchising is debatable, but it is possible to see what is successful and what has failed, even from a distance.

What do people pay attention to before buying a dealership from a company? Being good at these things will be a real gain for you.

The Competence of The Company

People are looking at whether you are competent in your subject. They evaluate your operational and logistical support to be provided while selling.

Product / Service / Logistics

If you work procurement, people examine the transportation stages of goods and services.

Authority Confusion

They want to solve the potential confusion of authority and responsibility in the contract texts from the very beginning. In this respect, a corporate governance scheme announced from the beginning is indispensable. People will want to learn from the beginning to whom they should go in which trouble.

The Solution

You can solve most of the above problems only with a consistent corporate identity structure. A design that extends from your business card to your website and dealership software will instill a corporate culture in the people you deal with. People's questions will be solved with your corporate identity structure before they reach their language.

In this regard, we recommend that you find a digital advertising agency as a companion.

In this age where 7 out of every 10 brands entering the market fail, the 6harf Creative Design Workshop can take you one step further with original ideas and functional designs.

Remember, idea is stronger than capital!