It is obvious that Instagram is becoming increasingly popular; But did you know that it has 500 million monthly active users? This social media platform for sharing photos is becoming more and more important for the business world. Companies that increase the number of followers, promote their products or services and become professional in social media management have many new customers thanks to this platform.

However, although every company shares, it cannot create the desired effect across Instagram. The desire to achieve success immediately after sharing can disappoint companies. Achieving success in this channel requires patience and continuity, as in all other digital marketing methods. Efforts to achieve organic victories also diversify as it turns out that those who think that companies that make purchases to be successful are wrong to increase the number of followers. In this article, you can find the most important tips to be "followed" on Instagram.

Make 1 - 3 Shares on Day 1

If you want to achieve satisfactory results on Instagram, it is possible. You have to become as active an Instagram user. You should increase your interaction with your followers by sharing regularly. In general, we can say that companies that started to hold on to Instagram make 1 to 3 posts a day. However, these figures may change your industry and commercial expectations. You should give time to your page for your posts to take effect. You should increase your interaction by focusing on the sharing topics that your target audience views, likes or comments. You shouldn't risk your account by buying Instagram followers to get quick success; You should consider the time and money you spend for social media management as an investment in your business.

2.Instagram's Algorithm Understand

Instagram changes its algorithms periodically, just like Google. Within the scope of the algorithm changes made to improve the user experience, it shows the shares that the users are most interested in. This means that while the posts of your closest friends that you regularly enter on your profile are the first posts you view, the notifications of the company pages you rarely visit are thrown into the background.

You may notice that this algorithm change does not have a bad effect, considering it is only user experience oriented. However, we would not say the same for companies that are running Instagram-focused digital marketing strategies. It takes a tough struggle to be among the owners of the posts that followers see first. The posts of companies that do not take the right steps can only be viewed by a limited number of users, contrary to expectations. It is not impossible to change this!

Since the Instagram algorithm prioritizes the posts that are most interested and interacted with, the main thing companies should do; publishing posts worth interacting with. By sharing videos, contest notifications, fun and original content, companies can interact with their followers and increase the number of views.

3. The Effect of Posting Posts Do not take it lightly

Most of the companies working in the field of social media management think that it is not necessary to write content under their posts and do not write or carefully prepare the articles they write. The biggest mistake is the sloppy attitude towards post posts. You may have posted a great photo or a very funny video; However, if you want their posts to have an emotional impact on your followers, you should refer to the content. According to the statistics, it is known that the Instagram shares of the companies that effectively write the captions of the photos get more likes and comments. A question that motivates followers, a statement that they are expected to comment or an informative content add value to Instagram posts.

It is not possible to achieve success on Instagram by simply opening a company profile and making ordinary posts. If you want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Instagram, you can feel the difference you will experience in a short time by applying our suggestions.