Preferences change very rapidly in the advertising world that gets more complex. Any design function that used to focus on the purpose of getting into the eyes of the user is increasingly moving towards simplicity. In this article, we tried to summarize a few tips for good design work and the resources we recommend you use.

Common Features of Good Designs

Design is now in front of us in every aspect of life. From a product design to a business card design, you can see the influence of general design trends. A design process applies to all kinds of products and services we see around. The success in this design process greatly affects the success of the product.

There is now a concept called ux in the world. This concept, called User Experience, is an important issue that ensures that products and services are acceptable to the user.

Everything is very fast. Cars, food, relationships… Life itself is faster than ever. No longer has the opportunity and time to learn how to use a product or service and to adapt to it. Then, products and services should be created by taking into account the habits of consumers. It should be designed in such a way that it does not require any extra effort for consumption without tiring people.

The same conditions apply to the advertising world. Simple, catchy advertising works directly affect product sales.

Think about the ads you have in mind. Generally, when you first watch them, they consist of good ideas that are simply constructed, that maybe create a small smile on your face or surprise you a little.

For design, this angle of flow should always be considered by designers from the design. Here are a few tips for users who want to design innovative advertising work.

Follow What's New

Always be aware of innovations. Have internet platforms that you follow regularly. You can follow Turkish design platforms such as Tasarımcı Çantası ( So you can see where the industry is going.

Stay Simple

Being simple is actually the most difficult. To be simple is hard to believe. I'm talking about a clever simplicity here. There are companies and institutions that can really achieve this. Studying them carefully will open a new horizon for you.

Corporate Integrity

Every advertising work should be compatible with the entire corporate identity structure of the company. Here, the designer should be able to hide himself behind the identity design of the institution. Advertisements and designs that move away from corporate identity integrity will not contribute to awareness.

Profile it

Remember, whatever work you do is doing it for people. Whether you are designing a business card or working on a web design project, people will use it. Designs that are not available to people will not benefit.

Think about what these people have in common and create a few profiles. How old are the people you are working with, what their gender, what are their preferences, where do they live? You must answer all of these questions first and start your design later.

Follow The Latest Technology

Consumers react to innovations faster than manufacturers. Being behind the times will finish you off. Utilize all the possibilities such as the latest file formats, the most trendy design software, vector illustrations. The rest remains. Remember this.