The best move you can make when you become the owner of your own business by getting a dealership or finding a new idea from scratch; is to set up a website and make your promotion. Your websites provide your customers with the most accurate information about your service or products, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More than the number of people who normally see your physical business visit your website. Thus, you have the opportunity to increase your sales and increase your company's earnings.

In order to increase the number of visitors to your website, you need to rise in Google search results. You can make Google prioritize your website with improvements known as SEO techniques. However, if your goal is to rank high, you should remember that Google must accept the improvements you make on your website. If you do not apply correct and ethical strategies, your website may sink to the bottom in Google's sea of ​​pages.

Avoid The Black Hat SEO Techniques

The most common reason why websites are penalized by Google is "black hat SEO" techniques. If you draw the attention of Google by filling the texts with keywords, hidden texts, and linked links; the rank of your website can irreversibly go down to the bottom. You should not rush the SEO techniques applied to promote your website on Google; If the factors that cause you to rise quickly are not legitimate, you should stay away from these methods. SEO studies increase the performance of every website, but when not done properly, it will do more harm than good. Don't be in a hurry, use legitimate strategies, and with a little patience, you'll see more visitors to your website.

Copied Content

Using a post on your website or the same content on another website will lower your ranking on Google. Because Google perceives these contents as low quality and gets the impression that they do not provide efficient information to users. Naturally, it reduces your rank and prevents its users from being exposed to these contents.

Expressing your products or services on your site, your company, and the benefits you provide to your customers with your own unique sentences will increase both the performance of your site in Google rankings and the rate of conversion of site visits into sales. If you do not consider yourself sufficient in this regard or if you think you cannot spare time, you can purchase a content service from a digital advertising agency.

Speed ​​Up Your Website

Google's goal is to improve the user experience and to provide users with as much authentic information as possible. For this reason, if the website where you promote your products or services opens slowly; you should speed up your website. Users do not want to waste time on sites that do not open quickly and show poor performance. You can miss out on many potential customers who don't review products on your site just because it's slow. As customers keep running away, Google begins to question the quality of your site.

The worst thing that can happen to you is; You will have visitors who leave before your website is uploaded. Google will infer from this user behavior that your site has poor quality content and an unusable design.

Almost 65% of people who visit websites use mobile devices. In addition, 70% of mobile traffic to websites uses 3G and slower connection speeds. From this point of view, the loading speed of your website is a very important detail.

You Should Increase Your Site's Security

If you are lacking in ensuring the safety of the users coming to your website, Google will not show your website on the results pages. The security of people who reach you through Google is under Google's responsibility and therefore they do not want visitors to visit sites with security weaknesses. Last year, when the hacking rate of websites reached 32% levels, Google started to take the safety of websites more seriously than ever. Since the name, surname and credit card information can be used negatively in the hands of third parties, Google began to question the security measures of the sites it included in the ranking and to lower the rank of those who did not meet the criteria on the search result pages.