Digital marketing strategies are evolving within themselves and they are made more effective day by day in order for companies to get the maximum benefit from these strategies. In this article, a strategy that increases the brand awareness of companies, increases the awareness of target audiences and increases their footprints in the internet environment; We will share the details of the "remarketing marketing" method. "What is remarketing?", "What are the advantages of remarketing?" Answers to the most curious questions are waiting for you.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing, which literally means "retargeting", can also be translated into Turkish as "remarketing". What this strategy is can actually be understood from its name. Let's say you have a customer visiting your company website. He enters your site, examines your products or services, then quits your site. Can you know why it quit your site at that time? Maybe a guest came, maybe the door knocked, maybe he had an urgent job and left your site before making a purchase decision. Can't it be? Of course it can. People may have to leave the websites they visit instantly, the problem is to remind them of your brand again. It is necessary not to make yourself forget, to remind them of the products or services they have looked at before. So how do you do that? This is where rematketing comes into play. Thanks to a cookie-based technology used, a cookie with a simple code is placed on the computers of the people who visit your site. Thus, even if users leave your site and go to other sites, they will encounter your site's advertisements.

Remarketing has become one of the most preferred sales and marketing strategies today. Its main purpose is not to let the people who visited the websites of the companies forget the companies. This strategy, which enables online sales companies to attract more customers, is now used by all companies. After people browse websites, they forget about them and naturally they get distracted. But if the firm is using a remarketing strategy, it can bring potential customers back to the website. This opportunity gives companies great power. Creative messages can be delivered to customers in order to customize the ads and reflect brand values. The power of both images and creative text are combined in remarketing marketing.

Who Can Use Remarketing Marketing Strategy?

Remarketing marketing can be used by all companies, institutions or organizations. Remarketing will be beneficial for all actors who want to increase their customer base and contribute to brand awareness. Remarketing-related processes need to be carefully planned. If this strategy is used too much, the brand can become overwhelming in the eyes of the users. For this reason, like all digital marketing strategies, remarketing should be set up correctly and in a correct manner.

What Are The Advantages Of Remarketing Marketing?

Remarketing marketing, which is among the most effective advertising strategies, provides many advantages to companies. The main advantages of remarketing marketing, which has a high return rate and contributes to the awareness of the brand, can be listed as follows;

  • Keeps in touch with potential customers; People who visit and view your site once are perceived as potential customers; Even if they browse other sites, your brand will remain in mind as they encounter your ads.
  • It is low cost and has a high return rate; Remarketing does not cost expensive to marketing companies. Although the cost per click is low, it is beneficial in increasing sales because of its high effect. Firms that adopt this marketing strategy, even in sectors where competition is intense, may differ among their competitors.
  • Remarketing contributes to brand awareness and increases the reliability of companies.

In addition to all these benefits, remarketing marketing has its own disadvantages. Some internet users may be uncomfortable with their footprints being tracked by companies. Moreover, if the dose of the ads shown is not adjusted correctly, there may be antipathy towards the brand. For this reason, if you are going to use the remarketing method, which has many advantages for your company, you should work with people who are professional in their field and can make extensive evaluations while editing ads.