Everyone is struggling to come up with creative new business ideas. Is finding new business idea or product really as profitable investment as you think? The internet is full of business ideas. When we look at those products now, it is easy to say, “It was obvious that this job would not work”. Even if it was possible, if we could see that business from the eyes of the entrepreneur while he was still in the design phase.
It is very difficult to convince people to use something new. Nobody wants to spoil their daily routine. It meets its familiar needs with the tools and methods it is used to, and does not take risks. Also people; They know more than at any other stage in history. I do not mean that they gained wisdom with this knowledge. This is a user experience pool. Humans have perhaps a hundred or fifty years of knowledge, perhaps a few times the knowledge they had up to twenty years ago.
They know how to use mobile phones, computers, automatic and manual gear cars, electronic cigarettes, and social media. These are things that come to my mind at once. Consider how long this paragraph can be extended with those who have not come.

So why doesn't this information bother us?

I don't know if these are actually called information. A habit, a collection of experiences that work without any effort.
People love it. All products with easy and simple use can easily enter the circulation. They don't want to be challenged and learn by effort.
From this perspective, if a new product idea, a new business model, or business idea offers people something they need to learn from scratch, it will have a hard time getting into circulation and being accepted by people.

Effort for the New Ideas

Finding a new business idea is just about making improvements to an item that doesn't actually work or works hard. Making people use something they are already accustomed to with less effort, making it more beneficial.
What you should focus on here is the user experience. Although user experience is a common word among web designers, actually every product is a valid law. It doesn't matter what kind of product or service you produce. If the customer is human; There are certain physiological limits, physical facilities and habits. Designing a three-meter bike may be a novelty, but not commercial.
What you need to focus on is how people can consume more comfortably. You can bring small innovations, but do not chase dreams.
Today, which of the billion dollar companies is the first brand in its sector. Weren't there any social media sites before Facebook? Who invented what you remember as "gang"? There was a Mirc, I don't know if you remember?
New ideas can motivate you and your environment, but they will not always make you money, and the value of every idea is measured by its reflection in real life. The value of the notion that theft is bad depends on who is prevented from stealing. In a society where everyone is a thief, this idea is nonsense.
There is an example I always give; who do you think is the best football player in the world. Everyone chooses between Ronaldo and Messi, except probably for a tiny fraction. Do you think these are the best football players in the world? We are sure that there are thousands of talent in Brazil that have not been discovered in Africa. Go to the football field in your neighborhood and watch a few matches. There is sure to be some assertive even in your neighborhood. But we go and choose between the two. When I say the best football player in the world, our brain prepares a few more questions and completes the answer: “The world's most winning football player”, “The world's most loved football player”, “The world's most successful football player”… We define the concept of being good in football with such questions.
Our good definition changes when it comes to business ideas. Trading is not done to be loved or to gain followers. The aim of trade is profit.

Useful Thing Useful Idea

Business ideas developed from scratch can also be helpful, but that is to a very small percentage. The biggest gain is in the utility model.
For example, coffee has been sold in jars for years. Then someone put the coffee, milk, and sugar in disposable bags. Result; Thousands of people who have never bought jars and coffee for their home bought them.
None of the mobile phone brands you know today is the inventor of the phone. The inventor of the automobile is not the world's largest car dealer either.
It is people, not ideas, that you should take first place. If you watch people carefully and listen to them, they will show you what they need. Watch out, I am not saying they will say, they will show. Because customers often don't tell the truth when you ask. We will refer to this separately.