If you want to interact with your customers, take advantage of digital marketing strategies and increase the number of visitors who view your website, you should carry out extensive studies. You can't save your future with your website built years ago! Your website is among the most important investments of your business; You cannot expect the websites you created years ago to represent you, which cannot be viewed on mobile devices and where you cannot interact with your customers. In this article, we will detail why you should update your websites and why you should prefer new generation websites. If you follow our suggestions, you can increase your digital victories…

The Website is a Reflection of the Vision of the Companies

When your potential customers log into your website, they think they see the digital reflection of your company. If the design of your website, which is a part of your corporate identity, remains the same and old style, you will give your customers the impression that your company is stuck in the past. If you do not implement the latest web design trends and renew your web design in a way that users will like, you will question your company's vision. If you want to reflect the progressiveness of your company at a time when the influence of social media is increasing and your new competitors are on the market, you should create websites that reflect your brand image.

It is not enough to just promote the companies

Old-style websites naturally cannot meet the changing demands of customers because they are prepared using past technology. He welcomes customers, gives some information, but fails to answer customers' questions. From this point of view, it would not be wrong to say that old websites work with the logic of brochures! Their structures that allow limited interaction with customers cause these sites to expire. Now, it is necessary to communicate with customers instantly with the live support modules available on the websites. Customers who examine the website and want to be sure of their choice before making a purchase decision use these modules to talk to the authorities. Live support reveals the development of a company's customer service and directly affects the purchase decision! When the customer receives live support, he or she is sure of the respect the company has for its business and the importance it attaches to the satisfaction of its customers.

Mobile-Friendly Websites Make a Difference

It's long past the time to use desktop and laptop computers to access the Internet! Tablets and smart phones have become the favorite devices of those who want to access the Internet in seconds. If you haven't made your website mobile-friendly yet, it means you can't appeal to a very large audience. When people visiting your site on their mobile phones see that your website is not mobile-friendly, be sure they end their visit instantly! Customers who have difficulty viewing your page and realize that user experience is not considered, all their thoughts about your brand are changing. For this reason, if you have not yet renewed your website in line with "responsive and mobile compatibility" standards, we recommend that you take immediate action!

Google Ignores Old Sites

Google's more than two hundred algorithms are constantly changing in line with technological developments. Websites that emphasize user experience and have a high user experience are prioritized by Google in their search results pages. Sites that are constantly updated, original, comply with web design rules, are mobile-friendly, responsive, open quickly, where customers like to spend time and where organic SEO studies are applied are shown to users much more frequently. Old-style websites, on the other hand, cannot take place in this competitive environment. Old websites, many of which are not even dynamic, are buried in the dusty pages of both history and Google.

Make a Fresh Start by Refreshing Your Websites

If you have decided to implement digital marketing strategies, you must first refresh your website. If you want to achieve success in social media management services, increase your sales and interact with your customers, you should start by updating your website. Otherwise, you will throw all your work into the sea. You can make your name known in the digitalized world with your website designed in line with technological developments, improving the user experience with its interface, opening quickly and being viewable on all devices.

It's Your Turn Now

Whatever your business and product, every business and brand needs a digital marketing plan in this age! Get a digital marketing plan created specifically for your business and target audience. Get in touch! Let us visit you for a planning tailored to your budget.