The importance of advertisements for companies, individuals, institutions and even political parties is undisputed. Advertisements are indispensable for them in order not to get out of the minds of the masses they appeal to, to be preferred, to increase their success and of course to gain prestige.

Commercial or social actors, acting with this awareness for a long time, have already discovered the changing advertising dynamics. They adapted to this situation by accepting the hegemony of the Internet. First, they took small steps to digital marketing, and sometimes they saw social media accounts sufficient. However, as time progressed and the return of their steps became enormous, they began to focus on the use of digital tools. Instead of advertising in traditional media, they have relied on the unstoppable rise of digital marketing tools.

Advantages of Budgeting for Digital Marketing Strategies

The biggest advantage of allocating a budget for digital marketing strategies is that it can give more advertising with less capital than traditional advertising channels. Processes such as advertising on traditional media, preparation of advertisements, broadcasting on channels, and appearing in newspapers have more burdens than thought.

When focusing on digital marketing tools, the target audience that can be reached is wider. Especially when the target audience is determined and special advertisements are released for them, all obstacles to reaching potential customers are removed.

The low costs of digital marketing tools reduce the expenses of the companies and with the unspent capital, the companies realize that the financial problems they face at the point of launching new products or services are reduced. By using digital marketing tools, they have the chance to evaluate the budget they save by investing in their companies.

When a budget is allocated for digital marketing, we usually work with intermediaries for a while and then, when its advantages are noticed, a team is formed within the company that can perform these operations. With the elimination of intermediaries and the increase in the qualified workforce of the company, the advantages provided by the companies are multiplied. They can set up their own marketing strategies, they are one step ahead of their competitors because they know their sector, they can differentiate and increase their awareness in the eyes of their target audience.

Although digital marketing tools are thought to be different from each other, when these techniques are considered carefully, it can be thought that they are all complementary to each other. As a matter of fact, it is; First, a website is built, social media accounts are opened, advertising is given to social media, and the strategy is supported with Google ads. Subsequently, the digital footprint of the companies on the Internet increases and as a result, all strategies turn into elements of common benefit.

Another importance of allocating a budget for digital marketing strategies is to prevent companies from being deleted and left behind in an increasingly competitive environment. Now, companies turning to digital marketing tools can confuse those who do not turn to the dusty pages of history. Those who follow the trends, show their innovative vision and address the new generation of consumers can be the architects of lasting success.

Digital Advertising Investments in Turkey

The statements that digital marketing tools have become increasingly important are confirmed by numbers. It was announced that in 2017, the budget allocated for digital ads in Turkey increased by 15% compared to 2016, and the budget allocated for format-based digital ads exceeded 1 million TL in total. The results of the research conducted by IAB Turkey were not limited to this.

  • The budget allocated for video ads and click-based ads grew by 13% and reached 618 million TL,
  • The budget allocated for search engine ads increased by 17.41% and reached 386.99 million TL,
  • In-game advertisement, e-mail and advertisement page advertisement investments, on the other hand, approached 50 million TL in total.

We would like to remind you that among these expenses, CEO studies, content marketing and website setup, which are one of the most important tools of digital marketing, are not included. It seems it's time to rethink for those who lag behind digital ads!