Social media management emphasized by all the experts that social media channels play an important role in the marketing and promotion processes of companies. With the mobile phone and internet revolution, social media, which has become an indispensable part of our daily life, has increased its importance by the business environment and has rapidly increased its prevalence. Social media platforms, which used to be a channel where individuals shared only to be liked, have now turned into places where the pulse of the business world beats.

Like all developments closely related to the business world, digital marketing activities are We are surrounded by a lot of information about it. We are bombarded with information about the strategies that should be implemented in order to be successful in these channels on domestic and foreign websites. However, this information we are exposed to sometimes does not contain basic facts about how to start the process and social media management. This is exactly why we have gathered the most useful information for businesses that will enter social media.

Organic Relationship between Social Media and Marketing

Although the use of social media takes an important place in the marketing strategy of companies. the importance of companies may vary depending on the industry. Companies using social media can increase their success if they find the right platforms to reach their target audience. Unfortunately, even finding the right platform is not enough to fully experience the advantages of social media. The important thing is to make a difference between thousands of companies with profiles on social media, to convey the brand message correctly, to win the hearts of the followers and turn them from potential customers into loyal customers.

B2B Companies Are Now Social In the media!

Not only B2C companies selling to end consumers, but also B2B companies whose customers are other companies have realized that they should be on social media. In order to increase their awareness, prove their quality, and attract the attention of their potential customers, they gave up their secretive attitude and started to appear on social media. When they began to break their prejudices and take place in the right channels in line with their sectors, they also experienced the benefit of their digital awareness.

Social Media Marketing on Youtube

Companies that are new to social media experience uncertainty about which platforms they should be on. Youtube is one of the platforms on which they will achieve success even before target audience analysis has taken place. Youtube, one of the most used platforms in the world, is a complete video heaven. Companies that want to interact with their target audience via videos can make a big splash if they can be noticed on Youtube. There is no reason to fail when fun, engaging, informative and inspiring videos are prepared. With the right social media management strategies, the vast majority of potential customers can be accessed from Youtube.

Social Media Marketing on Facebook

Recently, founder Mark Zuckerberg's information privacy Facebook, which is on the agenda due to its disregarding policies, continues its effectiveness within the sales and marketing channels of companies. The likes, comments, number of views, live broadcast links and paid advertisements on this platform, which has more than two billion users worldwide, are returning to companies as signals for new customers, brand awareness and rise in search engine results pages.

Social Media Marketing via Instagram

We are here with the most popular social media platform. The success of Instagram, dominated by images and videos, transcends continents, and all companies struggle to enjoy the advantages of this platform to the full. Especially Instagram, which has become indispensable for B2C companies, also hosts the pages of established companies and start-ups that have not started their activities fully yet. A medium that enables fast and effective interaction with customers