Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for small and medium-sized businesses to expand their target audience and increase their sales. But if you're not famous enough, you can't usually expect to have loads of followers on Instagram. It is not easy to keep the page you opened on Instagram and to reach the large masses of your shares, we accept it, but we know that it is not impossible either. If you use Instagram correctly, you can achieve your goals no matter the scale of your company. By taking the suggestions we offer you, you can increase your brand awareness, reach your potential customers, and make your products or services more demanded.

Let Hashtags Become Part of Your Strategy

The quality of the posts you make about your company is very important to become popular on Instagram. However, the Hashtags you use while publishing the posts will affect your success as much as the quality of your posts. If you convey the story behind your posts correctly to your followers, you will attract more attention, and you can also attract people who are not your followers but who are interested in the hashtags you use. When Instagram users do a platform-wide research about your products or services, the hashtags you use will also direct these people to your site. Hashtags used in place increase the visitor traffic of your page by making your page stand out in related searches. However, you should decide in advance which hashtag to use and how. If you are going to use classical patterns, you should find out whether they express a special situation. Your wrong choices can damage your brand image.

Become Part of the Instagram Community

You will be successful to the extent that you increase the interaction of your page. Like all social media platforms, the situation is the same with Instagram. If you appeal to a limited circle and withhold your likes, you won't have enough fingerprints across Instagram. Like and comment on the posts of the people you follow, participate in campaigns organized specifically for Instagram; in short, make you feel your presence and ready to interact.

Determine Your Post Frequency Correctly

You can witness many confusing suggestions about sharing frequency. For this reason, you may have question marks about how many posts you make a day and you will get the most effective result. As a result of a research conducted by Union Metrics, it was announced that the most efficient sharing frequency is 1.5 posts per day. In other words, a total of 3 posts in 2 days is sufficient. If your page is just new, it will be effective to start with a sharing frequency of 1 per day, we recommend that you share too many posts and be careful not to be annoying.

In order to be followed, first consider being a follower.

If you don't have a well-known brand, it will not be a realistic strategy to wait for followers to find you unless you make enough effort. For this reason, you may need to follow the profiles yourself first. You can start with people you know. If you have a personal Instagram account, you can send a follow request to the people you are currently interacting with. So you can get them to interact with you. You can also benefit from the influence of people with a high number of followers. You can increase awareness about your page by commenting on your posts and liking your posts. In the meantime, you can increase your chances of reaching your potential customers by continuing to share your posts and using Hashtags.

Diversify Your Posts

Do not give your followers the feeling that they are following a monotonous profile by just sharing visuals, content only, or just video. Focus on images, but also reinforce your content sharing from time to time. Likewise, measure the efficiency of your content sharing and contribute to your brand awareness with videos.

If you intend to exist on the Instagram platform, you should pay attention to all the posts you make. The more you care about your company's visible face on social media, the more you can increase your benefit. If you respond quickly to the comments made to your posts and respond to the positive and negative comments about your company with the same sensitivity, you will have the opportunity to reflect your brand values ​​correctly in a short time.