You may think that notifying your customers of your company's products, services or campaigns by e-mailing is outdated; There are many managers who think like you! The concern that emails will become obsolete, considered unread and even classified as spam has greatly reduced the interest in e-mail marketing methods. However, this strategy is not as correct as it might seem. E-mail marketing methods maintain their impact and create endless opportunities for businesses that can notice this. If you aim to reach a serious target audience, we recommend that you put the e-mail marketing strategy on your agenda again.

First of all, you should anticipate that you will be able to experience the great advantages of almost nobody staying using e-mail. You will undoubtedly benefit from the fact that mail marketing is a relatively inexpensive strategy and maximizes profits. You can strengthen your brand image thanks to the ability to adjust when you can send emails. Your brand awareness increases in the eyes of people who see your company's mails in mailboxes, and all these factors combine to provide multi-dimensional advantages for your e-mail marketing brand. In this article, we will explain why e-mail marketing is so important and effective.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

E-Mail Marketing is More Efficient in Customer Acquisition than Social Media Platforms

We cannot not deny that social media offers countless opportunities for businesses and is very useful in increasing engagement with their target audience. However, it is known that e-mails are more effective than social media posts in turning the target audience into customers. Potential customers to whom e-mails are sent may be affected by the company's interest, attractive opportunities and carefully prepared content.

Email Marketing Reminds Customers of Brand

E-mails; It ensures that the customers do not forget the brand and are aware of the developments in the brand. Customers cannot ignore the e-mails sent by companies because they have e-mail accounts on their mobile phones, tablets and computers. The notifications received as soon as the mails are taken into account increase the awareness of the customers.

Offers Real-Time Access to Customers

According to the results of the researches, 54% of the e-mails sent are opened by mobile phones. This digital data offers significant advantages during the creation of marketing strategies. As the use of smart mobile phones increases and marketing e-mails are prepared more professionally, the interaction between users and companies increases. Maintaining the dominance of e-mail as a communication method also strengthens the effectiveness of e-mail marketing strategies. The time and target audience of e-mails sent for marketing and sales purposes can be adjusted. As soon as the campaign starts, mails are sent to thousands of people instantly. Emails to be sent on special days can also be optimized by taking advantage of the same advantages.

Results of Email Marketing Strategies Can Be Measured

Data such as when e-mails sent for marketing purposes were read, when they were opened, when they were deleted, which pages customers visited on the website after opening the mail can be viewed by companies. This opportunity offers companies the opportunity to understand the behavior of their customers more accurately. The data obtained is not only a part of the e-mail marketing strategy by the companies; It guides the organization of all digital marketing efforts.

E-mail Marketing Strategy Can Be Implemented Easily

Although it is preferred to get support from professionals for the e-mail marketing campaign initiation process, companies with experience in digital marketing can easily run their own campaigns. By preparing new mails and sending them to the customers in the database, they are able to inform everyone about the innovations of the brand. If there is an area where mail can be recorded on their website, they can use the databases that are expanding day by day with maximum efficiency.

For Mail Marketing To Be Successful ...

Although e-mail marketing strategies are inherently advantageous for companies, there are many factors that can increase the effectiveness of these campaigns. The contents of the prepared e-mails directly affect the success of the campaigns. Although the texts of the e-mails are important, images must also be used in e-mails. It is difficult for customers to remain indifferent to fun, creative and, of course, remarkable e-mail content!

Offering special advantages to customers in e-mails; Providing discount codes also increases customers' loyalty to the brand. If you want to strengthen your relationships with your customers, increase your brand awareness and, of course, increase your sales, you should use the E-Mail marketing strategy efficiently and increase the number of people you reach.