As the use of the Internet becomes widespread; users have new expectations in line with their experiences. Therefore, it becomes a necessity rather than a preference for graphic designers and designers doing digital works to appeal to internet users. People who constantly repeat themselves, do not follow popular trends and blunt themselves become in demand after a while.

Web design trends evolving with the Internet make it possible to follow companies more and to improve users' experiences. While it used to be sufficient for a site to be responsive, originality and creativity are also expected from responsive sites. As the expectation increases, it becomes more important for designers to update their knowledge and strengthen their technological infrastructure. In this article, we will provide special tips for those who do not want to improve themselves and to be on the spot, and we will provide information about the most popular web design trends of 2018.

Srolling and Vertical Flowing Content

It is not the right approach to classify downstream designs only as new trends. Scrolling can be considered as a function that enables both mobile sites and web sites to be used effectively, improves the user experience and enables almost all content to be viewed with a single gesture. This versatile function, which can be easily integrated with all devices, does not go out of fashion this year; moreover, it is used more and more. If you want to renew your website or find a web design idea for a new website, you can guarantee to reach your goals with Scrolling assurance.

Typography Based Designs

Typography-based designs are among the favorites for those who cannot get rid of the influence of minimalism in design. Moving sites where visuals can be cumbersome; Typography-based designs that make the sites look aesthetic and make the sites more stable are undoubtedly among the most favorite design trends of 2018. By using different fonts in various sizes in typography-based designs, companies can convey their messages to their readers more clearly.

Gradient and Vivid Colors

Designs dominated by gradients and vibrant colors that are appreciated by those who do not want to be commonplace on their websites; manages to attract users' attention. The use of gradients combined with bold colors increases the impact of this web design trend. Brands can take advantage of the gradient effect in design to showcase their bold stance and attract the attention of their visitors.

Patterns and Geometric Shapes

The use of patterns in web design has been effective since 2016 and continues to be popular in 2018. In this web design trend based on geometric shapes used in the backgrounds, images and logos of websites; By using different shapes, highly visually impressive sites can be created. Its appeal to visual perception and functionality at the same time shine the star of this design trend.



Web design trends started to develop in this direction as the success of websites using illustrations increased. The rapid development of designers who can add creativity to existing visuals increases the originality of the websites. This web design trend that overthrew the throne of standard visuals is also used to increase the success of social media management and other digital marketing methods. Thus, brands that want to emphasize that they are different from their competitors are also saying "No!" To this web design trend.


While some of the web design trends were popular in the past, they lose their effect after a while; Then a forgotten web design trend blows like a wind again with the preference of a special brand. Although the use of animation in web design is an old idea, it managed to become one of the most popular in 2018. The dynamism of animations