Interface design is a decisive factor in the success of all digital products. For this reason, there are points to be considered in interface design and errors that should be avoided. We have addressed the mistakes that are made quite often, which are pleasing to the eye at first, but actually cause problems in terms of user experience. In this way, it will be easier to make functional and successful interface designs without making obvious but easily overlooked mistakes.
The results of mistakes made in interface design are quite remarkable.
• If the interface design in a site, software or mobile application is not successful enough, approximately 40% of people leave the platform.
• Close to 50% of people can only wait 2 seconds for a page to open.
• The rate of people who stated that a good user experience is important is 95%.
• When there are any errors in the design, more than 90% of the users prefer to leave the platform and not visit again.
In the light of these data, it is easy to realize the importance of achieving high conversion rates in digital products. The main thing is to design by avoiding mistakes that will affect the transformation. We have brought together the most common mistakes in interface design for you, pleasant reading.

1. Non-Responsive Design

While the number of mobile device users is increasing day by day, it is not surprising to say that interface designs that do not offer the same performance on every screen have no competitive chance. In these designs, also known as responsive designs, it is possible to both improve the user experience and reach more people by planning to be compatible for each screen resolution and device.

2. Creative or Complex?

Designers naturally want to emphasize their creativity. However, designs that are creative for them can be quite complex for end users. For this reason, it is necessary not to go beyond the designs that are suitable for simple and intuitive use. As Leonardo da Vinci, who is the idol of many people with his designs and his perspective on design, said "Simplicity is the final result of complexity." Although making creative and extraordinary designs is the dream of every designer, considering the target audience in digital products is the key to making the right interface design.

3.Intuitive Roaming

Organization is very important in interface design. Confusion arises unless a hierarchy structure that supports the user experience is provided. It is important that each color, call-to-action phrase or button in the design has a single task. Clicking on a green button means "save" and using this button in a different sense, such as "delete" on the same platform, can cause serious confusion.

4. Image Selection

Visual selection is always very effective in interface design. Because it is very important that the images used are believable. Since most of the ready-made images are not convincing enough, they can cause negative feelings in users. For this reason, it is necessary to complete the designs by using real photos of the project, if possible, that will gain more trust of the people.

5. Include References

An important element of the user experience is that you can get a conversion for the product or service you offer. At this point, it will be of decisive importance that you provide real data to users. A design that includes customer feedback, comments made by users, or content created gives more confidence. As a result of the researches, it has been revealed that real customer experiences create 12 times more trust in the decision-making process.

6. Content Ratio

The effect of the internet on human life is happening in very fast ways. Whereas 15 years ago reading long content, following blog pages was a method of socializing and accessing information, today it is common to prefer to access information such as watching short videos, reading short articles containing pill information or reading articles on visuals. For this reason, it is important to use as little text as possible in interface designs. Since many users will not read the site content, it is important to give pill information, to explain a lot with less text and to create an emotional impact in the main design.