With the increasing importance of digital marketing strategies and the advancement of technology, companies use many different methods to promote. It is suggested that they build a website first and if they want to keep up with the modern age, they should engage their customers with the mobile application.

As a result of the development of web design trends, responsive sites; In other words, while it is argued that websites that can also be viewed on mobile devices are indispensable, the need to make mobile applications increases the burden on companies somewhat.

At this point,

"Since the website can also be viewed from mobile devices, why should a mobile application be made?" The question becomes important. Although mobile applications and mobile sites are thought to have similar functions, the two are separate software from each other. Its creation goals, functions and advantages are different from each other. For this reason, it would not be the right approach to compare mobile application and mobile site or to classify both as competitors of each other.

Of course, a generalization can not be made that "all companies, regardless of their sector, that carry out their commercial activities must have both mobile compatible sites and mobile applications". The target audience of the companies, the product or service they sell, the digital marketing strategies of their competitors and their competitors will help the companies to choose between mobile application and mobile site, or to choose both.

Mobile Application and Mobile Compatible Site Are Not The Same!


Although mobile application and mobile compatible site are considered to be the same in functional terms, they are essentially quite different from each other. Mobile sites can be accessed from any phone that can connect to the internet. To log into mobile sites, it is enough to open the browser and search.

In order to access the mobile application, the application must be downloaded by the person. In other words, while mobile sites can be viewed by everyone, only those who want to download the company's application can access mobile applications.

There are serious differences between mobile application and mobile site at the point of update. While the changes made when the mobile sites are updated can be viewed by all users, the update of the mobile applications is optional, just like the download process.

The will to use mobile applications can be considered as the biggest advantage of the companies and refers to the basic difference between the mobile application and the mobile site. . The mobile application attracts loyal customers; Existing or potential customers who know the company, are interested in its products or services and want to be instantly informed about the campaigns that the companies will organize, download the mobile application. This fact signals companies that they can sell to people who have already downloaded their application.

Mobile Sites Promote Brand, Mobile Applications Connect Customers


A company must have a mobile site; Otherwise, it cannot announce its presence on the internet in a healthy way. A company whose site is not mobile compatible cannot attract the attention of its target audience and gain new customers. Especially for companies with insufficient brand awareness, mobile sites are considered an effective method of reaching new customers.

Mobile applications rather than attract new customers; As mentioned before, it should be considered as a loyalty program for customers who have already gained. The advantages of mobile applications can be increased when services are planned for customers who download mobile applications, enter their information, make their subscriptions and send the message "I follow you closely" to the company.

Mobile Site or Mobile Application?


Mobile site or mobile application should be preferred? The answer to this question is entirely related to the vision of the company and the dynamics of the sector it is in. Both have their own advantages and therefore the company's goals are the answer to this question. Our suggestion is that the mobile compatible site should be prioritized by companies that want to gain new customers, but the effect of the mobile application on customer retention should not be ignored!