We all witness the practical intelligence of the Anatolian people. Combined with this practical intelligence and problem-solving ability, plus great human relationships, the resulting marketing power is enormous. We are big brands that come to our country or we are investors who come to the national advertising market in our country, instead of investing money in luxury advertising agencies in Bebek and Beşiktaş, they will surely be more successful if they think about their advertising strategies from Berber Mustafa, Terzi Hüseyin, and Büfeci Ahmet. Because trades are hard work. We have a lot to learn about people, products / services and marketing from this generation of tradesmen who have managed to survive for years.

New plaza kids don't know about them. They are shaved daily, ironed suits, put on jelly ... People are only a bag of data for them. They watch people, calculate their movements and try to draw conclusions. For plaza marketers, the most unimportant trait of human beings is its name. But our artisan brothers know these customers. He knows their names, follows their weddings and funerals. Tradesmen's Customer Relations Management is Based on Conscience!

Best Regards to Tradesmen Brothers ...!

1. Pijama Palace

Think of warm, fuzzy pijamas. With warm simit on the side. Tea to go along with it... Whew... So what, pijamas cannot have palaces? Well, they sure can in Turkey! 

2. What are wet wipes, how should we use them?

Islak Mendil Tasarımı

The text reads: "First your mouth, then your hands, then your shoes." Our tradesmen, who set out with the understanding that service to the people is sacred, found a way to prevent a possible confusion in the queue. What if the customer confuses absenteeism, who can account for it? Service to the People is Sacred.

3. Giant Campaign

Bahşiş Vermek ÜcretsizThe text reads: "Giving tips is free." This may have been by an intelligent business owner, or an attempt by a group of waiters outside of the chain of command.

4. Can you describe the spiciness?

Dünyanın En Acı BiberiThe text reads: "Will hurt as much as listening to a Yıldız Tilbe song after a break up." We do not know that the market culture has produced neither philosophers nor poets. Although we cannot find any research on this subject, we can get an idea about the size of the potential from the examples like the picture above. And don't underestimate the market; Dostoyevsky sold woolen undershirts in Moscow markets, and Kafka sold insecticides in Prague markets. The market is important ...

5. What is Tradesman?

Esnaf Nedir?The text reads: "They also broke our heart, but I still got up in the morning and opened the store." If anyone asks you what trades are mean, show them the picture above. Put this picture in front of the word tradesman in the dictionary of the Turkish Language Association. That sums up the shopkeepers. Yes, he is sad, but our tradesmen get up in the morning and open a shop.

6. Not Worth Stealing For A Lira

Çalmaya DeğmezThe text reads: "We have a sale, everything is one lira. If you steal it, it's free." Is it worth for a lira?

7. Brother Yaşar, A Man of Principles

Prensip sahibi kaşarcıThe text reads (in a rhyming manner): "My name is Yaşar, I sell cheap kaşar (cheese)". Apart from the other virtues mentioned above, our tradesmen also have principles. Our Cheeseman Brother Yaşar, whom we have examined in the example above, is fighting to preserve his own principles in the face of capitalist market conditions, which reduce production costs and supply poor quality and cheap goods. We support our brother #DirenYaşarAbi # NoToCheapCheese #CheesemanYaşar

8. Product Promotion Topic

Promosyon Brother, what kind of imagination do you have, you combined those two? Who puts lotion on his shaved faces in those plazas and residences while this man runs a shop? Break down the plazas !!!

9. Which is the Best?

En iyi peçeteThe product name and branding work of an investor who set out with the dream of becoming the best napkin brand. Clever. Although we do not have certain information about it, there are also rumors that this brand is a joint venture of 5 people (Mehmet, Emre, Sarkan, Sami and İbrahim) who have bonds of brother-in-law and father-in-law.

10. Organization is Our Business

The text reads: "A halay crew will be arranged for weddings. The one who looks like the big brother of the groom and rests sometimes, 40 Turkish lira. The one who never sits down, athetic, happy, 65 Turkish Lira." Our people's ability to organize cannot be ignored. We skipped the bar in organizing and organizing business. The criteria and pricing of the manpower we will supply are also ok.

11. Why Pide, Tell Me A Little

Pidenin FelsefesiThe name simply reads, "Why Pide." Pita maker chasing the philosophy of the business. Not only does it feed your stomach, it offers you an ontological sense of confidence and a resource about the epistemology of pita. Big artisans whose aim is to make them think while feeding.

12. E-Commerce 

The text reads: "A girl who eats kuymak would win a fight with a girl who eats Nutella." And of course it is a kuymak brand. Who are you telling about content marketing, dear, digital or something ... Do you know where we come from?

13. Citizenship Duty

vatandaşlık göreviThe text reads: "For Turkey, for our future, we must eat toast." National emotions for marketing is a huge pool. For the good of the youth and the country, we invite you to eat toast.

14. Custom Named Product Craze

İsme Özel MısırThe text reads: "This corn is for you, Haydar." After Coca-cola and Nutella, it would be impossible if we did not join the craze of products specific to the name: D We expect the continuation from brave entrepreneurs.