The most effective way to reach customers is well designed; They are websites that offer the most up-to-date content and increase the user experience. Regardless of the sector you operate in, if you do not have a good website, you cannot fully utilize your customer potential. In addition to the fact that your website has been created in accordance with the rules and successfully, you also need to rise in the top of the search engines. When you search on search engines for your industry or products or services you offer, the higher you rank, the greater your chances of reaching your customers. SEO, that is, "search engine optimization", is a set of improvements that consist of many variable rules and aim to increase your website's rankings in search engines. Part of this whole is undoubtedly the keywords you use in your content. In this article, we will talk about keywords that will increase the performance of your website and make it easier for you to reach your customers. We'll cover in detail the benefits you can get from predicting how your customers are calling you.

The Importance of Keywords

The keywords you use in the content of your website, in the titles of the content and even in the images you upload to your website are the bridge between you and your customers. If you can't meet at the midpoint, your paths may not cross at all. If you can't think like your customers, if you can't hit the target in your keyword choices. What happens next? We can give an example like this. Let's say you are a surgeon specialized in cardiovascular diseases and you have a website to reach patients. If you use medical terms to describe the services and treatments you provide on your own site, you cannot expect your customers to search for you with those words. If you just pass the term "arrhythmia" in your content instead of rhythm disturbance, you will enter a different frequency. If you really understand your target audience, if you can anticipate their needs, and of course, if you consult Google occasionally, you can discover the right keywords to promote.

Müşterilerinizin Sizi Nasıl Aradığını Tahmin Edebilirsiniz?

In order to use the right keywords on your website, you must first empathize with your customers; You should think about how they call you and how they describe the products or services you sell. In order to reduce the margin of error in your predictions, you can ask for opinion from your close circle. Keyword predictions are an important part of planning, but you will appreciate it is not the only and most accurate way. You should expand your subjective research a little bit more and ask your customers for ideas. You should determine whether they are doing Google queries with a single keyword or using phrases. These researches you will do will provide you with a basic level of awareness. After completing this phase, you can start evaluating objective data.

Examine Your Competitors' Websites; If competitors operating in the same sector with you in your queries are placed higher on the results pages of search engines; Research what keywords their content focuses on. You will notice certain words that are usually written in bold or repeated more than once in the article, and be sure to note these keywords.

Benefit from Google Queries; Google is a comprehensive platform that has its own dynamics and algorithms. Although the ranking criteria change over time, the main priority is to ensure that people using Google reach the most accurate results as soon as possible. For this reason, the keywords it prioritizes are shaped in line with the preferences of the users. When you open Google from your browser and search with certain keywords, you can reach the most common word queries on that topic at the end of the page.

Since Google saves the user history, it may surprise you with your frequent searches and may not deliver the most accurate keyword results. The main reason for this is that it offers a personalized service for your use. In such a case, you should seek help from Google incognito tabs, Google will not take into account your trends when trading in the incognito tab.

Gives An Idea About Google Adwords Keyword Usage; Google shares how often keywords are used and in what form they are used in the Google Adwords tool. When you open a Google Adwords account, you can see the search volumes of the keywords you have determined from the keyword plan link. To access this information, you must register with AdWords, but you do not need to start an advertising campaign for this. You can also use the Google Adwords keyword planner service without spending money.