Logo Idea

Usually the order comes with an idea. A firm, a product or an institution. The biggest mistake you can make here is saying 'okay'. People never know exactly what they need, even if they do, they cannot fully express it, and the logo they want may be bad or industrially incompatible. At this stage, all you need to do is to listen for a long time without getting bored. Asking questions, opening topics and creating your concept before your logo.

Sectoral Status in Logo

Before the logo is designed, you should have made a thorough review of the sector in which it will be used. You should examine the structure and sector that the logo will represent, and see the logo works of the adversaries. In this part, the positive effects expected to be created by the product or the company on the customer are largely determinative. At the same time, you should examine the target audience and cultural characteristics and think about color from this perspective. What does this product sell with? The logo on a tomato paste box should be associated with naturalness ... But the logo of a company serving in the informatics sector should have technological references. The logo to be drawn will also be the beginning of the branding work.

Mature Idea in The Logo

Your data is now complete. You have a customer requesting a logo, you have a defined concept and sector analysis that you can solve their needs. And you have analyzed at least three features that people are looking for in this product item. In fact, most of the Logo Design work has been completed. Now your job is to generate ideas within the framework of the data you have.

Original Idea in The Logo

Being original is often misunderstood. Something cannot be drawn without self. To draw a tree, you must see at least one tree. If you only saw one tree, you can only draw that tree. Even a person who only sees a tree can be original about drawing a tree. Being original is about your interpretation of the objects you will use in the drawing. Going back to the tomato paste sample I gave at the beginning; It is natural to use a material such as a leaf in a logo that you want to refer to naturalness. Your drawing and use of this leaf is up to your creativity. Imitating and being original cannot be an alternative to each other.

Drawing a Logo

When it comes to drawing a good logo, you should stay within the frame mentioned above and not be afraid to experiment. You should consider a proportion in your drawing and consider the usage areas of the logo. Drawing a logo that will look good on a website, a business card and a sign at the same time should be the goal you need to reach.

Finally, stay simple. Simple but elegant. Like a perfectly ironed white shirt.