I will talk about the emergence, technology and story of the project called CADCut.co, which we launched in the past months.

After reaching us with the recommendation of an existing client, the client was at a point where we were not very satisfied, both technologically and as a name, as a result of the consultations. We advised to change the name keselim.com when it first came, to CADCut, which could turn it into a global brand.

It was a very favorite choice in terms of both its industrial connotation and its work.

Corporate identity design

Deciding that the corporate identity should be both warm and a bit industrial for CADCut.co with its laser temperature and its icon resembling the tip of the laser, the design team created a logo like the one below.


CADCut is a laser cutting service that allows you to get an instant price online, and sends the cut parts to your door within 3 working days at the latest.

Who's behind it?

CADCut.co is a completely domestic initiative and behind it Sakarya Demir ve Metal San. Tic. company named.

How is it working?

When you upload a drawing file in dxf format, the software reads and analyzes the drawing you uploaded. He also makes some conclusions as a result of this analysis:

  • Total length of cut (including all holes, lines, etc.)
  • Volume
  • Superficial area

Based on all these inferences, when the material is selected, it is processed with the cutting speed of the material and the line length, and how long the laser should work is determined. It includes how much material will go with the volume and surface area, as well as the cargo cost.

Apart from the dxf file format, when you upload dwg, eps, ai etc. vectorial formats, the system detects this and directs you to the offer form. Thus, the file you uploaded is checked by a human and an offer is sent to you.

What materials can we cut?

Although the CADCut material inventory is constantly changing, the materials we can predict right now are as follows:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized

What are the material thicknesses?

Although each material has plates of different thicknesses, there is generally a minimum thickness range of 0.5mm to 15mm.

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