Let's take a brief look at the issues that need to be considered when creating a web site specific to businesses.

Business Analysis

You should start by choosing a site format that suits the area of ​​activity. At this point, a marketer and graphic designer should work together. The service or product area of ​​the business should be clearly determined and these should be placed in a hierarchy of importance to the business. The design should begin with this hierarchy in mind by the graphic designer.

Sector Analysis

The clarity of the business in the sector will determine the visual messages of your site. The visual messages (persistence, leadership, strength, etc.) of the interface designed on the site of a company that is a leader in its sector cannot be the same as the visual messages (acceleration, potential, optimism, etc.) of a company that is authoritative in the sector.

Analysis of the Target Audience

Who are you targeting to visit your site? You have to decide this. Potential customers, your existing customer portfolio, your business partners ... Once you have decided on this, you should determine what your target audience is looking for on your site. Do they want to look at your products? Are they looking for a price? Location? User comments? The correct analysis you will make in this section will ensure that your visitors stay longer on your site.

Preference Redirections

What you make them find is as important as what visitors are looking for on your site. Here, you should associate the topics you want to highlight with the topics you are looking for and attract them to your offers with interesting links.


A business site is the virtual version of all aspects of this business. Naturally, it should also be compatible with your Corporate Design. Think of your site as a contact office of your company. Your website is a link in the chain that extends from your logo to your cardstock, vehicle wraps, letterheads. Continuing on the same concept will provide integrity to your company.


Internet offers you the opportunity of signage that can be seen from every corner of the world. A virtual store that can be accessed from anywhere. People can get information about your company, products and services anytime they want from their mobile phones. Realize this potential.