It is now possible to carry out all production and sales processes of any business line on online platforms with digital tools. When you want to get service from a dentist, all other processes, except for sitting on the chair and opening your mouth, can be performed with online tools. You can make an appointment on a website, pay your fee through a virtual pos, get an e-prescription… For almost every business line and sector, the situation is no different than dentists. While the business has progressed to these stages, you should start thinking about transferring the follow-up of your business processes to online tools.

Digital opportunities have always been viewed with insecurity in our country. With the news of cyber fraud, e-commerce tricks, both digital platforms and the security measures of these platforms have evolved over time. You can no longer find a safer place to keep important information for your company than cloud platforms.

Security is always a problematic issue. You can also use high security safes, passwords and padlocks to protect your company's bills. In this way, security will probably be provided. When it comes to accessible security, you have no choice but the cloud.

Advantages Compared to the Traditional System

Your Customers and Suppliers Are Already Online

The fact that the Internet is more prevalent than in ancient times paves the way for moving things to digital. Most people you do business with are online now. They carry devices that are extremely capable of connecting to the internet in their hands or in their pockets, and 5G is at our door… It seems that going online will be easier every day.

Usually, workflows start with a supplier or customer. Now that both are online, it adapts the processes between them to digital as well.

Easier to Find All Your Data

Every data you move to digital platforms is both securely stored and available whenever you want. You can safely store your valuable documents for your business in a filing cabinet. The vast possibilities of digital can fascinate you when it comes to searching for words in a file in one of the folders in that closet.

Easier to Understand All Your Data

Understanding and reporting your data in the traditional printed paper system, breaking meaningful tables depends on your physical conditions. Offices generally print in the file sizes we know as A4. Reports divided between pages will make your job difficult. Also; It is impossible to make changes to a printed report or table.

Digital media offers you an almost endless viewing opportunity, thanks to the interface technologies that develop every day. It frees you from physical limits such as paper size. It can allow you to see a report, statistics or table at a glance. In addition, thanks to a compatible programming, it makes it possible to view your information in many screen options from mobile phones to computers.

Living Documents and Updated Documents

Every data you move to the digital environment is updated and waits in a format that can be compared with other data.

Imagine you are managing a marketing team; Traditional methods will do the trick if you want to see the team's bulk sales every month. However, if you want to see the distribution of sales to the team every month, the last quarter's status, and the monthly sales average for the personnel, you will need tables and reports updated with the incoming given, depending on certain conditions. In the traditional way, once a paper is out of the printer, it can no longer be updated.

Where To Start Moving Your Business And Flow To Digital?

This question is on the mind of every business manager who starts thinking about moving his business to digital; "So where to start?"

It's not an easy question. In the industrial revolution that once took place, businesses had this problem in including machines in their business processes. The businesses that managed to include machines are today's giant brands. They disappeared with other businesses. It will likely have such an impact on the digital revolution. Digital opportunities and software will be so intertwined with the business world that every business will have a software investment. Just as every manufacturer we see today hires a machine maintenance repair team or purchases technical service and support, the same will happen with software. So, where should you start this change?

Take a Holistic Look at Your Business

First of all, take a holistic view of your business. Describe all your work. Your suppliers, your product or service production process, sales channels, delivery and after-sales transactions, collection methods. Describe your work exactly.

Many business owners are far from describing their business specifically in the headings above. I even saw those who were far from understanding. An outside eye can help you in this process. A trusted friend or a consulting firm can put your work on paper with an impartial eye. So you can have a complete view of your business, workflow and rotating system.

In domestic businesses, bosses take on multiple roles. Marketing, HR, accounting, finance… Departments are either not fully formed or are in the hands of the boss. For this reason, it may be difficult to see things as holistic.

Establishing a structure on the basis of tasks, not individuals, may make your job easier. You should state that there are two separate tasks, even if the same person is dealing with accounting and finance.

Use All Your Data

When going digital, take the opening date of your business, not your transition date. Transferring all of your data to digital can be a painstaking task, but worth doing once. When you move all your historical data to digital, you can take advantage of having these opportunities since the day you opened. This will be an invaluable advantage.

Initially Focus on Transfer, Not Improvements

Be patient with your ideas for improvement. In step one, just focus on transferring your data correctly. Digital tools can offer you great possibilities, but they must be properly informed.

When you transfer all your data to digital correctly, you will have the operation of this flow throughout your workflow and history.

It's Time for Improvements

Digital functioning offers you side benefits. Each software first fulfills its programmed purpose, then offers you side benefits. Imagine moving your business's sales process digitally, tracking customer requests, interviews, quotes and invoices online. You can now track the process from receiving a purchase request to an invoice. The improvements that need to be made to shorten this period are also up to your imagination.