The concept of dealership is a complex issue. What is the benefit that an investor hopes to provide when buying a franchise?

The most productive business relationships are established with the win-win technique. The investor's expectation from the brand is clear and simple; business potential and earnings. So, what does the brand expect from the investor?

Here, the factor that determines the price of a dealership emerges; marketing or sales.

Marketing & Sales

Although we are not aware of it, there is a huge difference between these two. Marketing is a process that starts with the creation of the product; determining the target groups, determining the price, product design, presentation strategies etc. Sales, on the other hand, is a more logistical concept; It covers delivery of the product and receipt of payment. The situation is the same even for products that require production within a franchise

Take Coca-Cola as an example. A salesclerk comes first to the point of sale, namely a buffet or restaurant. It is a representative of the company, who is sent to regular training about the brand, to beard shaving and to his shirt. Order is received, delivery truck arrives later. The first is marketing, the second is sales. If you, as a brand owner, expect your dealers to do marketing, the amount you collect for the dealership will be cheap and the fate of your brand will remain in the hands of your dealers.

Brand Marketing

The best way to market a brand is to make it a star, a pop star. Believe me, I'm not exaggerating. How else would you describe the Apple fans waiting in line in front of tech markets when a new product goes on sale today? Which Burger King dealer did you see promoting to attract customers to its branch?

Do not leave your brand marketing to anyone! Highlight your product or service with the clearest and most attractive brand positioning. Once your brand has a fan base, it will be much more profitable and easier to give a dealership.

Get Support

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