Have you ever witnessed that a website hosting the old web design trends ranks at the top of the results pages of search engines? You can't!

Because Google, just like visitors, detects when the websites were last updated, opened quickly, whether they offer a good user experience, and does not place websites that do not pass a passing grade at the top of the results pages. For this reason, when creating your website, you should take into account many elements and increase the efficiency of your site, especially by following the latest web design trends.

This year's latest web design strategies we brought together for you. Here are the most popular strategies…

1. Animated Site Navigation Technology

Many visitors first notice the design when they enter websites. After examining the design, they search the site and try to get information on the subject they want. Meanwhile, the sooner they get the information they are looking for, the more satisfied they are with the site and extend their stay on the site. Using navigation on the site makes the visitors' experience easier, engaging and provides them with an excellent experience. Companies that replace their standard website menus with animated navigation technology manage to improve their brand image and gain appreciation from their customers.

2. Be Aware of Simple Design

It seems that the times of the simplest web designs have come to an end. A simple interface, unobtrusive colors and a clean website have been a reason for preference for many companies as they have managed to get full marks from users for years. However, the results of the researches revealed a completely different truth. Not too plain; The detection that even a bit crowded web sites aroused curiosity and a desire to explore on users led to a re-question of web design trends. There is no triumph of this dilemma yet; experts did not clarify on what principle web design should be done. In line with the sector of activity, companies will continue to make their own choices, but now they should know that they have alternatives other than simplicity.

3.Use Video in Web Design

Text contents and graphics to promote products or services They are very effective methods. It is already time to go a little outside of these methods used in all digital marketing strategies. In order to attract the attention of visitors at the maximum level, videos should also be used on websites. Users' experience can be improved with videos with enjoyable, interesting and original content.

4. Make Your Site Mobile Compatible

Mobile phones and tablets have been in our lives for a long time; However, it is very difficult to believe that there are many companies whose websites are not mobile compatible. If you want to get your website in return for all your digital marketing moves in 2018, you must make your website mobile compatible. If you get stronger on mobile, you can reach your existing and potential customers much more easily and reach your sales figures.

5. Convert Visitors To Customers With Your Website

From your websites where you invest time, energy and money You need to convert visitors into customers to maximize benefits. Although there are many ways to make them make a purchasing decision, the most effective method you can apply on your website is "call to action" strategies. In this direction, you should ask for their e-mail addresses, direct your customers to become a member of your site and make the modules that will allow you to collect contact information that you can access them as part of your web design. You should attract the attention of your customers with forms opened in the most visible parts of your website and direct them with simple directives.

6. Benefit from Design Elements for SEO

You should do SEO studies to attract potential customers who need your industry to your website. . As part of SEO efforts, you should restructure your web design strategies. Google performs reviews that can draw many conclusions from the design of your website. You can increase the visibility of your website with design strategies suitable for Google algorithms.