Effective and sound marketing methods are not the monopoly of large-scale and well-established companies as it is thought! Small companies that have just started their business life and want to increase their sales and grow can also use marketing techniques that make a difference. Combining traditional and digital marketing strategies; Entrepreneurs who understand their customers and express themselves in the most accurate way can make a name for themselves with their commercial success.

1. Settle in Minds with Short Messages

If your business has just started or you haven't had the chance to grow yet; Create text messages that keep your business in mind. Try to impress your target audience with short sentences that describe your products or services or reflect your commercial culture. Send these messages similar to the slogan you have prepared via e-mail or your social media management works. You can increase the traffic of your website and raise the awareness of your potential customers about your business with a memorable and effective message.

2. Diversify Your Marketing Methods

There is no “one” marketing method that definitely works for all sectors. Therefore, carefully determine the channels you can reach your target audience and appeal to them with different marketing methods. If necessary, advertise in the newspaper; Perfect your website by getting web design if necessary. Differentiate and enjoy the advantages of diversity.

3. Build Commercial Collaborations

Partnership with entrepreneurs who are trying to grow like you You can establish and adopt a common marketing strategy. Within the scope of this strategy, which is generally preferred by small businesses, you can print a joint brochure or if you offer complementary services, you can arrange your business card to advertise two companies.

4.Distinguish your phone call

greet you somehow. Hearing even a few positive sentences will improve your customers' judgments about you. Even calling for a "Good Day" instead of an ordinary "Hello" makes a difference.

5. Color Your Business with Post-it

If your business has a board, you can use colored papers containing text messages. you can decorate. The messages you write don't matter, you can even write down what you need to do daily. However, when your customers walk in, you have to make them realize the dynamism of your business. You can attract their attention with readable text messages.

6. Don't Pursuit Your Shoppers

Remind yourself of your customers who recently shopped from you. Send e-mails stating that they will receive discounts on their next shopping because they have purchased from you and that they can benefit from special campaigns. If they are satisfied with your products, be sure they will return to your business as soon as possible.

7. Create Newsletters

Do you know that the time and money you need to spend on converting your potential customers into new customers is six times more than selling to your existing customers? For this very reason, to gain the loyalty of your existing customers, you should continue to work and remind yourself without boring them with newsletters.

8. Your Sectoral Knowledge in Seminars Talk

You can highlight your own expertise by sharing your knowledge of your industry with others. You can organize workshops with few participants or get together with your target audience using the methods required by your industry.

9. The Clearing Effect Is Not Over Yet

If you have a limited marketing budget, you can establish a sales partnership with another business that has the same problem as you. If your products are sold in the other business and the products of the other business are sold in your business, you can increase the possibility of selling. What you need to pay attention to is that the company you will collaborate with is not your first-degree competitor.

10. Share Your Brochures on Your Mails

If you collect e-mail addresses of your customers and apply to e-mail marketing periodically to remind yourself; You can also add your business cards, catalogs and brochures, which are part of your corporate identity, to your e-mails. Thus, you remind them of your products or services and increase your likelihood of selling.