Responsive web design also means compatible web design. This web design form, which we have heard frequently in the recent years, first appeared in 2010 and has become popular in the world and in our country for the last few years.

Responsive design is formed by the reshaping of the elements such as pictures and texts within the site according to the screen width when the website is entered from mobile and tablet devices. It is generally designed in 3 stages as desktop, tablet and mobile version.

As it is known, when accessing websites from mobile devices, visitors have difficulty viewing and browsing the site. If the site they enter is not a responsive or mobile site, they can only zoom the area they want to read and view a limited area and have difficulty in using it. It is very difficult to navigate the menus of the site, and because the menus are not mobile-friendly, they usually cannot find the link they want to go to. We are aware of how much the concept of user experience stands out. It is possible to get more efficiency by transforming each digital product into a form that users can use without difficulty.

When responsive sites are accessed from mobile devices, the menus change shape and turn into an easy-to-use version, usually opening from the top. Fonts and images are placed one on the other and arranged in a way that can be easily read without zooming on the screen. Even in the mobile version, the elements of low importance are hidden, only the information about the page is displayed to the visitor in the simplest form.

It seriously supports responsive sites in search engines. Rather than having a mobile version of a page under a different subdomain such as its own domain name and in search engines, it is more appropriate to make the page responsive with a single URL. Because in mobile searches, search engines usually rank the results without paying attention to the mobile compatibility of the page.

Website visits from mobile have risen to 25% in the world and will increase even more in a short time. For this reason, a serious increase in responsive websites is anticipated.