Corporate identity is the name given to the visible face of an institution in marketing. It is the way the institution expresses itself. This statement has certain boundaries and is generally an unchangeable statement. The corporate identity book, which states to what extent and how a design that reminds the institution should be used, is an indispensable element of this system. In a corporate identity design, it is stated to what extent and how everything will be used, from emblem (logo) to office design, from employee apparel to vehicle top dressing, from letterhead to signage, from website to declaration of death, from packaging design to annual report.

Corporate identity is the signature of the institution and in this respect it is closed to change. Although it can be changed by the joint work of companies and designers in certain periods, the company does not want to change the image it creates with its corporate identity frequently.

Undoubtedly, the basis of the work in corporate identity studies is based on the company logo. The basis of this study is that the colors of the emblems are printed at the same value in all cases and the fonts never change.

In particular, the pantone numbers of the colors are specified so that the color information is carried and not changed.

Corporate identity is engraved in the minds of the consumer with the image it creates for the company. In this respect, it is one of the works that ensures the success of the advertising investments of the company.


Source: Wikipedia