Yes, I want to attract attention by choosing an interesting title. Perhaps this discourse, which was founded by adhering to the old language, does not fully explain my problem. What is my problem? By explaining it in a poorer Turkish, I will remove the obstacles to my understanding.

I propose the phrase in the title with the dream of replacing the term "Entrepreneurship Ecosystem". You may not like the phrase I invented, but suggest another phrase that expresses the meaning more clearly. The important thing is, will you agree with what I will tell, will we be right? Deriving words is the end.

I do not know the expression I made up for the thing called "entrepreneurship ecosystem". Anyway, my concern is more important than the "Plaza" language, which is translated from English into Turkish only as a word, still foreign with its internal logic.

In this phraseology, which helps us to define the environment where entrepreneurs establish relationships with each other, make partnerships, engage in commercial activities, and tell our interlocutor that we are talking about this environment, the word stuck in my head is the second word; "ecosystem".

With the first word, I am not saying I have no trouble. It doesn't just occupy my mind as much as the second.

What Is Ecosystem?

What does ecosystem mean? Pronounce this word. Repeat a few times if you don't even have a better job to do. "Ecosystem, ecosystem, ecosystem" ...

What is the thing that comes to mind?

I don't know if I think that way, but the connotation of the word ecosystem to me is this; A system that is constantly renewed in order to reach perfection, in a natural flow, in which the strong are weak, the older are small, and the healthy eat the injured. What do we justify with this word?

There are too many competitions around. Events, investor meetings, incubations for entrepreneurs. “Meet Up” is everywhere. And so much "Make Up".

Participants, winners, eliminated… Does anyone talk about the terms? Heavy conditions. Is the reward of a team that stripped out of dozens of business ideas and business models, a contract full of conditions against it? Goals, penalties, diminishing powers, increasing responsibilities… A process that leads to being a worker of your own idea.

The ecosystem works as follows; When a lion eats a deer, that deer is not destroyed. Whether it's energy, mineral, protein, or whatever, the benefits are passed on to the lion. This is not extinction for the deer. He transfers his accumulation to another body. All the benefit accumulated from the ecosystem is returned to the ecosystem.

This is not the case in the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, where I suggest adding a little bit of conscience to the "Community Entrepreneur". Entrepreneurs (Entrepreneurs), who are the gazelles of the area, do not graze from the ecosystem. This ecosystem has no contribution to their development. In fact, they only have a body of labor and ideas. Labor and idea become a benefit by being embodied in their undertakings. This benefit also goes to a lion's stomach. In the ecosystem of animals, lions only eat injured and old deer, whereas in humans, lions organize competitions to find the most potential, healthiest, best deer and eat the winner of the competition. While lions in nature keep a herd of gazelles healthy and young, people take the most successful ones and cause the herd to become unwieldy.

I am not saying they are all like this. I point in the direction that is intended to go. There are sure to be exceptions.

Ecosystem in the World

The situation in the world is not different from ours. I do not think they should view this situation with a conscientious point of view as I do. I have said very far from a system where everyone who cannot win is a "loser" and the concept of losing is considered an insult.

Take a look at the biggest companies in the world, which is a first in its field? Before Google, there were search engines, before Facebook, social media sites, before Apple, mobile phone and computer brands. Is there also then?

Let's just take Facebook as an example. Instagram and Snapchat examples, which are good projects in their own right, will be useful in explaining what I mean. If you pay allegiance to Facebook, you have the right to live, otherwise you will have to be pushed into an illegal area. Let me clarify what I mean by illegal; When it comes to Periscope live video sharing, Facebook was the leader before launching this app. It is now used mostly for illegal broadcast matches. If you share something for people to see, its place is Facebook, other areas are places where people cannot see it. The legitimate domain belongs to Facebook.

Doesn't the mortgage of the generally accepted determine who will succeed and who will fail? Success, by definition, must be won despite someone. Can you imagine a success that is not despite anyone?

Now all over the world, young people, young minds, will first read his legendary life story from a book whose cover is decorated with a mystical photograph of Steve Jobs, will process this story like a prophetic parable, and will make feelings for himself. Then he will go to his garage and work for months consuming only coke and pizza, sell the business he has developed to an investor and continue his life in a holiday mode. He will attend programs and give sermons with a white wireless microphone hanging by his ear. What about those who didn't win? Are they Losers?

Are they constituting the failed R&D work of the system?

Justice of the Lions

In this regard, I take the German economy as an example. You can find neither a German company nor a German rich in list contents such as "How many companies are the biggest in the world" or "How many entrepreneurs are the richest". But "Made in Germany" means quality, "German economy" means stability. It is an economic structure that is spread over the base, consisting of many medium-sized companies. You will see many American dignitaries on these lists, but the land of these reverenders is the home of the world's largest homeless population.

Only the Germans could not find a name such as silicon valley, they could not market this structure.

Who Are We Purifying?

In short, there is no ecosystem. Even an unscrupulous term such as ecosystem is insufficient to describe this environment. We justify some situations by calling this structure an ecosystem. Let's make up a name that has a conscience in it, like "Cemiyet-i Enterpisei". Let this society have foundations. Entrepreneurs should be supported through those foundations.

Let there be lions again. Let them be like lions, who are aging, sick, injured gazelles, the unsuccessful ones, and prevent the loss of the produced values, just like in nature. Let us see their mastery of management, even if they leave potential hosts and turn to those with low chances of success.