The main purpose of all digital marketing strategies is to increase the visitor traffic of websites. A website that is not visited does not have the power to increase the awareness of businesses or their sales. Companies try to win a digital war so that the website attracts more visitors, potential customers from the target audience can examine the products and services of the brand. Those who do their moves correctly and protect their fields by applying the finest strategies can get more clicks on their websites.

1.Internet Ads

Social media management and Google The first choice of those who want to increase their visibility on search engine results pages is internet advertising. These ads, designed for fast results, can clearly attract the attention of those who search about the industry by using the correct keywords. Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Google ads are the ones with the highest success.


The strategy that adds the most value to websites in the medium and long term is SEO work. SEO work is carried out to please both website visitors and Google. From a broader perspective, SEO is a part of all digital marketing strategies as well as the whole. With these studies that increase the number of visitors in an organic way, companies can increase their awareness and trust of their customers.


Websites One of the most effective ways to attract organic visitors is blog posts. The number of visitors can be increased by publishing informative, interesting articles about the sector that the target audience can refer to. Companies can strengthen their position in their sectors with blog posts that are valued as part of SEO efforts. It should not be forgotten that blog posts should be original, high quality and convey the message of the company.

4. Instagram Traffic

Instagram, which is among the most effective platforms to increase website traffic, attracts more and more companies every day. Companies can attract visitors to their websites with the use of relevant hashtags and posts that are worth sharing. By increasing the interaction with the followers, they can gain customer loyalty and can easily rise to the top of the search engines with the acceleration of comments made on them


Snapchat, one of the effective channels to increase awareness in social media, has lost its former popularity, but still remains an effective method to attract visitors to the website. Snapchat, which is one of the favorites of brands whose target audience is young, increases the profitability of companies when used correctly.

6. Facebook Pages and Groups

Facebook pages and groups that participate in the websites of companies it becomes easier for them to attract visitors. It is the best strategy to integrate with these groups by commenting. Although it may take a while to see the results of this strategy, its contributions will be satisfactory. Participating in communities related to the industry and being present on these platforms through comments and shares can help companies to make their names known in a short time.


The website Quora is a very unknown platform in our country. It increases its determination to attract more visits. Turkey also find information sharing as possible the scope and the number of users is not easy to be approached with similar platforms next to Quora. Especially companies that do business with foreign connections can use this platform efficiently, where users ask questions and answers are given by professionals on every subject you can think of. It is possible to increase brand awareness and become an authority by helping people who have questions about their sectors, thanks to Quora.

8.Web Site Content Update

Think about the stores that sell clothing products, what kind of clothing they display for years. they make an impression? How many people walk in wondering what is being sold in that store? Probably because of the impression created, potential customers do not even need to enter this store. You can think of websites the same way. Aged contents do not contribute positively to the visitor traffic of these sites. On the contrary, they become worthless in the eyes of both the target audience and Google. If the website contents are updated periodically, Google receives signals that the activities of the companies are continuing and its rank on the result pages rises.

9. Infographics

Infographics, which have become the center of attention of internet users in recent years, are among the effective methods used to draw attention to websites. It is possible to attract the attention of users by including infographics in blog posts and service descriptions. Visitors who appreciate companies seeking different ways of expressing themselves will enter websites more and increase their stay on the site while viewing infographics.

10. Compliance with Web Design Trends

In line with the latest web design trends Renewed websites are an important step in increasing visitor traffic. Websites that open fast, can be displayed on mobile devices and increase the user experience are considered as important strategies that will enable companies to stand out from their competitors.