Tablets and smartphones do not fall out of our hands throughout the day. Moreover, this generalization can be made for the whole world. While researches show that the daily screen time is 4 hours on average, the importance of mobile compatible websites is increasing. 

More than 50% of online traffic now comes from mobile as companies turn to mobile devices to meet their current and potential customers' needs more practically. Although it varies from sector to sector, it is known that this statistic varies between 25% and 60%. 

Researches show that they do not view sites that are not compatible with internet mobile devices and are not suitable for user experience; It reveals that they are turning to another mobile compatible site in the same field. He is heading towards one of the other competitors.

What is a Mobile Compatible Website?

A mobile-friendly website can be defined as a website that is correctly viewed on handheld devices such as smartphones or tablets. Responsive websites, known as "responsive web design", are automatically formatted according to the device on which the site is displayed and adapt to all screen sizes.

The responsive nature of a website allows visitors to navigate the sites easily and access the information they are looking for more easily when they are online. In other words, the user experience is increasing. But are the importance and benefits of mobile sites limited to these? Let's go into the details together.

Advantages of Mobile Compatible Websites

Mobile compatible, responsive websites have many advantages. The first advantages that these sites offer and come to mind can be listed as follows:

Ability to Reach More People

The main reason why mobile compatible websites are so needed is that they provide access to more people. It will be a great advantage to meet with potential customers who spend a considerable part of the day on mobile devices with mobile compatible websites. 

Trust Increase

Did you know that companies with mobile compatible websites give more confidence? As a result of the surveys, it is revealed that 57% of internet users do not find companies that do not have mobile compatible websites reliable. Being an unreliable company decreases customer loyalty as well as losing sales.

User Experience Improves

Connecting to the internet from mobile devices; The easiest way to steal the hearts of internet users who want to get information or shop is a mobile-compatible website. It is very comfortable to browse through the menus on mobile compatible websites, read the contents, examine the products, and make purchases. Considering the characteristics and expectations of the target audience during the user interface design, the user experience in mobile-compatible websites is quite high, and this situation returns to brands as awareness, loyalty and of course sales.

Communicating Easier

Mobile compatible websites have evolved in terms of user experience, as we have just stated. This feature that all websites should have makes the difference at the point of communication. Customers who want to reach companies on mobile compatible websites can easily access both address and phone information and can connect with companies with a single click.

Speed ​​Makes the Difference!

Our time is precious, and our attention can be distracted instantly. Browsing a site that loads late? It literally sounds like torture. The end of websites that do not load fast in our age; To deny this fact is quite pointless. Mobile compatible websites also add value to companies in this sense. Thanks to the responsive sites that open quickly, customers can step into the world of the company in a short time as a heartbeat.

Increases Visibility

One of the best things about having a mobile-friendly website is that this technology can reach a wider audience. Mobile compatible websites facilitate online sharing processes, increasing the possibilities of sharing the content on websites on social media platforms. Moreover, Google loves this technology and prioritizes mobile compatible websites in the search results.

Competitiveness Rises

All companies, regardless of whether they are small or large, now have mobile compatible websites. Being behind in this competition certainly does not promise sustainable success. Is it to lag behind in inquiries from mobile devices or to reach nationality from local and compete with giants? With the solution so obvious, the choice is entirely up to the businesses!