Content lies at the heart of the marketing activities of all companies that want to communicate with the target audience and gain their loyalty. The voice of digital marketing strategies is also content that conveys the messages conveyed by companies. For this reason, all digital marketing activities of companies that do not attach importance to content marketing will be incomplete.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is to establish permanent relationships between brands and their target audiences. It can be considered as a long-term strategy implemented by producing original, useful, attention-grabbing content related to their sectors.

Content marketing is the most practical way for companies to show that they value their customers. Content marketing, which enables them to transfer their products and services, contributes to the advertising processes even if it is not its main purpose, and is also highly appreciated by Google, should be seen as the heart of all digital marketing methods. "Why?" If you ask;

If you don't have a content marketing strategy;

  • Social media management will be unfounded,
  • your SEO work
  • Web design your investments will be unrequited,
  • If you cannot address your target audience,
  • Your customers will encounter a gap even if your Internet ads click ,
  • Your website becomes ordinary and old.

Mobilize the Emotions of Your Target Audience with Content Marketing

They want to feel cared for today, perhaps to a much greater extent than in the past. As the world changes and the information age increases its dominance, each shared information is put into the reach of a very large mass within seconds. If you want to attract the attention of your current and potential customers and make them feel valuable, you should take advantage of the power of content marketing. You can increase the value of your brand by conveying information that benefits them and makes them feel special.

Remember, consumers' behavior is constantly changing. Before purchasing the products or services they need, consumers definitely do research online. He reads the comments about the companies, examines their products, browses the news and makes the final decision. In such an environment, companies that cannot express themselves, let alone being preferred by consumers, do not even accept Google's results pages.

Content Marketing Similar to Marathon Run

The biggest mistake companies make is periodically applying to content marketing and This is because they ignore the fact that this process is like a long marathon. Efforts should also be continuous in order to establish a relationship with the target audience and to ensure the continuity of this relationship. There are also concrete data that support this judgment. It is known that consumers started research about 79 days before making a purchase decision. In order to make a decision, content marketing should be applied consistently in order to be more in front of them during the research period. Informative content, in which the keywords most frequently used by customers when searching are used in a measured way, provide companies with a competitive advantage. With regularly produced and written content on related topics, companies have the chance to meet with customers more. They can strengthen ties with their customers by finding the opportunity to communicate their trade ethics and brand messages.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing has a huge impact on brand awareness leading to increased sales. When they do research on the subjects they are curious about, it becomes easier for consumers who encounter the contents of the companies to recognize that brand.

Content marketing strengthens the bond between companies and their customers. It helps to develop the sense of loyalty that enables consumers to be the first choice.

Content marketing, which provides the opportunity to be prioritized by Google, brings all digital marketing strategies to life. For social media management , in order to be successful in internet advertisements, it is necessary to produce original and interesting content.

With content that enables interaction with customers, companies should work on infrastructure that will increase their sales in the medium and long term.