It is very likely that you will be confused while doing research on Google to meet your website need. You may be in a confusion between questions such as the gap between prices, what are the differences between them, and what is pricing based on. You are going to read an article that I hope will clear all this confusion and clarify the issue.

Without After-Sales Service Support Approach

Companies that sell ready-made websites usually leave you alone. Basically, this cannot go beyond selling and providing support for a short time. The reason is the concept of the time-cost-quality triangle.

time cost quality

I'm sure you often see "make your own site" ads. It's actually a trap where you throw away your money. What we provide for you is to guide you through the process and get the right value for your money. “Make your own site” services work only if you have a background. If you don't know anything, you lose your money in those tools and then create a failed website.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages?



  • You can get it at an affordable price.

  • You can get it delivered fast.


  • It has a makeshift appearance.

  • It may not match your corporate colors.

  • It creates trust problems for your potential customers.

  • Instead of being suitable for you, you will have to write content suitable for the look of the site. This turns into a site that does not fully express you.

  • Since the content is not fully optimized on mobile devices, the visitor has a bad experience and the customers leave the site more.

  • You fail in SEO compatibility.

  • You fail in terms of site speed.

  • You will fall behind your competitors who invest in the website.

  • Ready-made images are used and create a fake impression.

  • She leaves the classroom on digital marketing.

Custom Design Website


  • You get exactly what you need.

  • You can easily stand out from your competitors with a professional look.

  • Optimized for all devices, the site makes visitors read all your content easily.

  • You will have a site that works well with Google in an SEO compatible structure.

  • Your site speed is completely thought out from the beginning, so you have a consistently fast website.

  • Your images and content are designed entirely by your knowledge, so you have a real and trustworthy website.

  • Throughout the process, you can inform yourself by researching by a team that reflects on your work. Thus, you will learn about the possibilities of the digital world.

  • It is designed for digital marketing.

  • By configuring detailed monitoring tools, you can show ads to visitors who perform any behavior on your site.


  • It is expensive compared to other options.

  • The amount takes more time than ready-made options.

  • The infrastructure used is generally not given outside.

What lies at the point where all these advantages and disadvantages come from is how much thought is given.

Pricing Policies

In the software / design industry, pricing is made on man / hour, man / day. So how long will a software developer or designer spend on the project?

How Are Prices Calculated?

Each company has a price calculation tool to set their expenses and targets. After the service you request is projected and you have a prediction about how long it will take, estimated costs are calculated and the price is determined.

What To Do For Limited Budgets?

If your budget is limited, unfortunately, it is not possible to get an incredibly good output. You will not have a website that will make you say "the guys did it". You have to accept this first. You should focus on getting the best of the available circumstances.

What Is The Best Under Current Conditions?

Best of all, a website that has the right content for your needs, has the right functionality, and is available for later. In this regard, if you need a corporate website, please ask "Why / How Should I Have a Corporate Website?" By reading the article titled, you can get more information and start asking the right questions about your website.

If you want to have a specially designed website, I invite you to get an offer from here :)