What is the common purpose of digital marketing and social media management strategies? Isn't it to attract more potential customers to your website and increase your sales? Your website welcomes your potential customers as the most dynamic personnel of your company; It gives the most detailed information about your company's products or services, and as a result, it increases the opportunities to increase your sales. You can apply SEO studies to make your website visible and to rank higher in search engine results pages; You can increase your success with holistic digital marketing strategies.

The scope of SEO work is quite wide and generally SEO is done on a national or international scale, serving the purpose of reaching the widest audience. Nowadays, the importance of SEO studies is increasing, local SEO studies should also be taken care of. With local SEO studies, you can reach the target audience in your region much more precisely and leave all your competitors behind in the district or province where your company operates.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO; It can be defined as search engine optimization studies carried out in order to prioritize a business in search engines according to the province or district in which it operates. Local SEO studies carried out to rank higher in searches made in a determined geographical region offer a great opportunity to business owners with its rapid impact on local search results.

Keywords determined according to the sector of the company are supported by the names of provinces and districts in local SEO studies carried out in order to reach the right customer base. Keyword work alone will not increase the success of local SEO work. Many strategies can be used to increase the local awareness of companies.

How to Do Local SEO Studies?

  • Google My Business: One of the services Google offers to business owners is the Google My Business service. Registering for this service is an important part of local SEO strategies. Being on this platform, which is supported by SEO compatible articles, where the fixed phone number and address of the company are added, the hours of operation are stated and the real comments of the customers are included, can not only increase the local awareness of the brands, but also create trust on their potential customers.
  • For local SEO work, the company's website must have complete and accurate contact information. The location of the company should be clearly stated and the telephone number where customers can reach the company should be written. In order to increase the effect of local SEO studies, you should definitely add your phone number to different channels with information about your company. You can even increase phone traffic by making your phone numbers clickable so that they can be called on mobile devices.
  • Elements such as adding a Google Maps image on contact pages, having keywords indicating location in the titles, filling in meta descriptions, optimizing images should also be considered during local SEO studies.

The Importance of User Reviews in Local SEO Studies

When your potential customers search on the internet, they pay special attention to user comments. No matter how much information they have about the company, they always evaluate other customers' comments in their decision-making processes. The number of stars given for the business, the content of the reviews, the credibility and the general framework of the feedback about your company do not go unnoticed by the customers. Therefore, in order for your local SEO efforts to be successful, you need to determine strategies that increase user experience and increase positive feedback about your company.

Why Do You Need Local SEO Studies?

With local SEO, you can attract more customers in the city where your business is located. In recent years, Google's emphasis on local businesses and showing local search results has made it easier to reach potential customers. At the same time, Google increases the customer experience because it can show specific results to users with these studies. Considering the importance of user experience for Google, it emerges that more emphasis should be placed on local SEO studies. If you have started to do local SEO work, you should not forget to ensure that your website is also visible on mobile devices. You can increase your chances of reaching your customers with mobile applications or responsive websites.