For companies that have successfully completed the institutionalization process, the most efficient growth way is to give dealership. Giving a dealership is the cheapest way to grow your brand and grow in turnover. Dealership is to give someone the authority to sell a product or a service you produce. It is an income model built on sharing an income from you with someone else's marketing opportunity and capital and sharing income. It is actually the cheapest and most profitable method of financing growth.

It's nice to give franchise and how to get it. After talking about the profits of franchising for a paragraph, will it be strange to claim that buying franchises is also profitable? No. It is also very profitable to buy a dealership if you have analyzed your opportunities well and selected a sector that suits your skills.

Think of a product. Everything is ready. The product is developed, ready to mark, R&D has been done. The only thing left for you is to finance the establishment of a business where this product can be sold with your capital and to be a profit partner of the sales. From this point of view, buying a dealership has a very profitable mathematics in itself.

Dealership is a new income model for every company that has completed its institutionalization process and completed its investments in production vehicles. These types of companies post advertisements about dealership opportunities on platforms such as the Dealer List ( Thus, it meets the capital to be used in financing the sales points from its dealer buyers and uses this resource in the field of product development. If those who invest in dealership are truly profitable, your dealership network will develop.

What do dealership buyers expect from you?

Anyone who wants to get a dealership and aims for an investment in this field prefers the most profitable product, not the best product. What is meant by profitability is the balance of turnover and dividend. From this point of view, companies that advertise dealership should consider the accounting of an investor. What kind of product do you have? What will be the profit share of the people who will mediate the sale of this product? How much of a salable product do you have? When will the investor get his money back? Even if you do not make these calculations, be sure that these calculations are made about you.

The Most Successful Dealership Examples

The common point of really successful dealer examples is effective marketing studies and advanced product knowledge. Large companies that have developed a worldwide dealership network actually sell "Know-How" and demand. Consider the Burger King brand. How much will it cost you to distribute bread and meatballs? What he sells is not actually the frozen meatballs and breads he sent you. It is a knowledge that has been invested and the demand of the product developed with this knowledge. The brand keeps this demand alive with continuous and high quality advertising work.

Recommendations for those who want to grow by giving dealership

We have gathered below a few tips that we recommend that those who want to improve their sales channels by giving dealership should pay attention. For other questions, you can contact us here.


Actually, this is what is being sold. It is no coincidence that the most successful of the coffee shops around is the brand that cares most about this issue. This topic is as important as what you intend to sell. You cannot franchise a brand if you have not built a brand. With a poor brand building, you can only be a supplier to some businesses.


Your workflow and way of working are well-established and precise. When someone buys your dealership, it is certain that they will talk to which department for a problem, which question will be asked to which authority, and what process will be processed. Personal applications and malfunctions will shake the trust in you and your brand.


The quality of the product you have committed to the dealership buyer is seen with the same care in the whole structure. It is the reflection of this quality from all your corporate identity components, web design and advertising works. It is expected that the dealership company will add an added value to its product with such studies and share this value with its dealer. You will produce this profitability, not your dealer.

Revenue Sharing

You must have an investment plan that you can put in front of dealership areas. Every investment plan stands on three legs. 1. Investment amount 2. Maturity 3. Earnings. It should be a concrete, understandable, realistic plan.