We all know, even intuitively, what makes a website look bad; unnecessary slopes, outdated painting practices, crowded and useless layout. In fact, all of these are problems that you can easily overcome, based on the principles used by great designers and artists.

Good sites combine form and function. Aesthetics and functionality… Also, according to research by Don Norman from Stanford University, a well-designed website creates trust on the user side. Here you will find 5 basic principles that will allow you to stay within the definition of quality in your designs.

1) Follow the rules! ...Most of the Time

In design schools, they will give you a long list of principles regarding the definition of beautiful. Symmetry, order etc… folow them first. But then, with a little creativity, create small spaces for the visitor's eyes. You can use differences, color tensions or contrast.

2) Use Icons To Communicate With the User

Use the communication power of some internationally accepted icons in web design for your benefit; floppy disk (save), magnifying glass (search), envelope (email). With the advantage of these signs, you will be able to navigate much more easily within your design.

3) Color As a Design Element, Not a Decor

The whole difference comes in color. When used correctly, colors can tell the whole story. Use colors to support content, not decorate a space. If you are using a lot of images, choosing your colors from among the images will help you achieve integrity.

Adobe Color will help you in this part. You can try different colors in different web design options for free here.

4) Use a Font That Supports the Content

Thousands of font options are now available. Not being able to find it is not an excuse. Support the text with your font as well as the content. The font type will help the reader convey the emotion the text wants to convey. Finally, stay away from Comic Sans!

5) Gather the Opinions of Others

Well, you have principles, cute icons, images, and cool fonts. What's next?

Get opinions from people. But I don't mean people on the street. Get opinions from people who are really successful and generally accepted in their field. Even if you have never used behance before, be brave in this issue. Go forward and do not lose your enthusiasm.